L.O.L Surprise Biggie Pets

We’ve had some fun with L.O.L Surprise before here and here and this time we’ve been sent bigger and better! L.O.L Suprise Biggie Pets Series EyeSpy contain 15+ surprises, you might find 2 or 3 pet babies and have a large wear and share pet inside. What more can you ask for?!

Inside the sunglass adorned box you’ll find a large pink and gold ball that contains your Biggie Pet (and more, so much more!)

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I Will Not Feel Guilty

This time last year I wrote this open letter to my children about my decision to change my hours at work to full time. I thought I’d write an update to it now I’ve lived it for a while.

Is it working for me? Well, no is the short answer. I don’t think it is. I’m torn apart with guilt all of the time like most parents for one reason or another. No more so than now when the kids are off school and being on social media see parents and kids off on jolly adventures everywhere. I can’t do that and by the time I get home from work there’s no time for anything and to be honest I’d be too knackered anyway. It’s not easy to “just have some time off” and I certainly couldn’t have six weeks anyway. It eats away at you knowing that you’re missing out on all sorts of fun and memories that you’ll never get back. Continue reading

Glam Goo Confetti Pack

Recently we got to try out Glam Goo for the first time and were so impressed with it we couldn’t wait to try out one of the accessory packs too. We received the Confetti Pack to see what we thought.

This pack comes with:

  • Fluffy Slime
  • 2 X Decorations – Dance Mix & Rainbow Party
  • 2 X Shimmer Powders
  • Bow Bracelet
  • Bunny Charm

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Boredom Buster Giveaway

How many times a day have the kids told you they’re bored so far this week? Have they been fighting like cat and dog? Do you just crave a hot cup of coffee, just five bloody minutes peace? Well this is the giveaway for you! How do you fancy winning this lot?

  1. Tom and Jerry Back To Oz DVD
  2. Lego Movie DVD
  3. Scooby Doo 13 Spooky Tales DVD
  4. Zomlings Series 6 Blue Capsule
  5. Superzings Mission Bakery Blast Set
  6. Zomlings Series 6 Purple Capsule

To be in with a chance of winning just enter via the Rafflecopter below:

1. The giveaway is open to residents of the UK only.
2. There is 1 prize available as listed above.
3. There is no cash alternative offered.
4. To enter, please use the rafflecopter widget above.
5. The winners will be drawn at random from all qualifying entries.
6. The giveaway will run until Midnight 19/08/18.
7. Once the giveaway is over the winner will be contacted for their details to arrange postage of their prize.

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Crate Creatures Surprise – Sizzle

We were recently sent a fabulous Crate Creature to try out and see what we thought. Even though he’s meant to be a grumpy monster (much like my other half) he’s actually pretty cute! There are 4 different crate creatures to collect and each one comes with

  • 45+ unique creature sounds and comes with its favourite food, which unlocks chomping sounds when placed in mouth.
  • Lock, chain and reusable crate
  • Vibrating movement
  • Voice recording and playback feature

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Friendship With Baby Annabell

We were asked if we’d like to take part in a post celebrating friendship with Baby Annabell, of course we said yes! Little Lady loves her Baby Annabell and Baby Born dolls so she was very excited to receive this one which is the nicest doll we’ve played with so far!


Baby Annabell comes with:

  • Bottle
  • Dummy
  • Bib
  • Nappy
  • Pendant


Just look at that cute little face! Her ‘skin’ seems a lot softer than most of the dolls we have too which is lovely if your children like to take their dolls to bed. Continue reading

Born Gifted Teacher Gifts

I cannot actually believe it’s that time again when the kids finish up for their summer holiday break ready to drive Mum’s and Dad’s bananas all over the place. If you want to give that special teacher a little something lovely then Born Gifted is a great place to go!

We had a snoop around when they got in touch and decided that this Personalised Classic Wooden Pen and Pencil Box Set fitted the bill perfectly. I don’t like to buy chocolates as I’m sure they must end up with them coming out of their ears!

This lovely set includes a wooden box made from beech and includes any message you choose over 3 lines. The pen and pencil are also personalised with a name making this a great gift for anyone who enjoys writing. There’s a whole host of occasions you could buy it for not just as a teacher gift.

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The Throwaway Comment

Inspired by Daddy Poppins recent child free holiday to Ibiza I remembered my own visit. There I was, San Antonio 2002, let loose for a week, my Dad had my little boy and it was going to be the best holiday ever. Right? Well, not really. A simple throwaway comment threw me completely. I was in Es Paradis some garage night or other, totally not my thing but my mate was so excited I thought she’d combust leaving only a white lace bikini. God she looked amazing in that bikini, all blonde hair and bronzed skin, couldn’t get it wet mind you but nevertheless she looked like a Goddess. Anyway on with the story…

I was dancing, I’d never thought about whether I was a good dancer or not before, I just did it. I’d held loads of dance competitions in front of my Nana and she’d never said I was crap! In the midst of me throwing some kind of gin, lime and lemonade enhanced shapes a random bloke beckoned me over. I thought “oh here we go, he wants to know if the Goddess is single, this is getting boring now”. But no, that’s not he wanted at all.

He leant over, next to my ear because the music was loud and shouted “fuck sake love, you can’t dance, why are you even here?” he laughed, his mates laughed, I didn’t laugh.  Well I wasn’t expecting that. I didn’t say a word, I didn’t know what to say anyway. Like one of those Facebook posts where everyone is outraged and says “well I would have…” “you should have…” but in the moment what happens, happens and you can’t change it. I just turned my back to him and walked away. Continue reading

Glam Goo Deluxe Pack Review

My kids love anything that involves slime or goo so when we were offered the chance to review some Glam Goo it wasn’t hard to say yes. We received the Glam Goo Deluxe pack.

Inside the box we found:

  • 1 Glitter Purse
  • 1 Double Ring
  • 1 container of Glam Goo
  • 3 slime decorations (Cloud Crunch, Daydreams, and Unicorn Tears)
  • 2 sparkle colours (Electric Blue and Pinky Promise)
  • 1 scent (Violet Vibes)
  • 1 Mixing Spoon

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Heelys X2 Fresh Review

Little Lady was extremely excited to find she was trying out some brand spanking new Heelys, something she’s been asking for for a while however up until now her feet have be too little for her to wear them. Now her feet have grown enough for her to try them she couldn’t wait to get them out of the box when we were sent some by Skates to review.

The Heely’s came in a brightly coloured box and contained 1 pair of Heelys X2 Fresh Shoes in Fuchsia / Navy with the Navy X2 logo to the heel and the white Heelys logo to the tongue. The uppers are a canvas material.

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