Boys v’s Girls

I really wish someone would have warned me that having a child of a different sex would be such a shock to the system! I had 2 lovely cuddly mild-mannered little boys and then I had a daughter or a tasmanian devil…not sure which really!

I should have known she would be trouble when I started being sick as soon as I got that blue line and went on to have 8 months of hospital stays with Hyperemesis. With all the stubborn foot stamping, screaming and “NO’s” she really is something else! She seems to spend more time on the naughty step than anywhere else! I hate the confrontation and ear piercing screeches (especially in the middle of Asda) and sometimes really just want to abandon my trolley, sod off home and drown myself in chocolate, but I don’t of course because she is my child and I love the bones of her.


Please someone tell me it gets easier.PLEASE!!!!


4 thoughts on “Boys v’s Girls

  1. Oh bless you, what a diva! 🙂 Broody as I am and with two boys already and everyone insisting that if we do have another one I must wish I could have a girl…to be honest the idea scares me! I have a niece who is 14 now, but didn’t sleep a whole night til she was 3 and my friend has 2 gorgeous girls who are brilliant but real divas….feeling a little bit less broody now… Stevie xx


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