Good and bad stuff about the holidays so far!

We are well and truly into the swing of the six week holidays!Here is the good and bad stuff about the holidays (for me) so far!

Good: Lie-in’s, mine have been treating me to staying in bed til 8.30ish.Heaven

Bad: The gits won’t go to sleep until 10pm because of the lie-in and it will probably take me weeks to undo the damage.


whad’ya mean go to bed?!

Good: Not doing the dreaded getting ready for school/school run, I hate all the “I can’t find my white t-shirt,the world will implode and everyone will die if you don’t find it and iron it” and “you gave me 267 Coco Pops and I wanted 268”.

Bad: Lounging around in your Jim-Jams all day gets you some pitying looks from the Postman who thinks your a right lazy cow.

Good: Getting to do some fun things with all the kids instead of just the one who’s yet to start school and the others sulk.

Bad: 10 mins into driving to said activity I’m threatening to turn around and go home as the kids are playing who can pinch the hardest and squeal the loudest in the back of the car.

Good: Desperation to amuse the kids sees you making up all sorts of games like hide the Minion.

Bad: You want to kill the the Minions after playing for 3 hours on the trot.Shove your banana where the sun doesn’t shine buddy!


Good: Reading up on other Mum’s blogs to get some inspiration for crafty things to do.

Bad: Realising you’re pretty crap at this Mum stuff ‘cos you haven’t yet made a fully functional caravan from lollipop sticks and PVA glue.

Good: Thinking you’ve done well going to the park for a “free” day out.

Bad: Oh no,it’s not sodding well free,there’s always an ice cream van complete with jolly ice cream man manically grinning away whilst taking your purse,emptying it and throwing it back at you.


Good: You plan your activities for the week #BestMumEver

Bad: The day you planned to do something that involves being outdoors all day it chucks it down monsoon style.

Have you got any to add?

A Cornish Mum
Best of Worst

13 thoughts on “Good and bad stuff about the holidays so far!

  1. Love the sound of hide the minion – I can definitely empathise with the brilliant idea for a game/activity that you suddenly discover you have to do over and over. And over. And over… #bestandworst

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  2. ha ha! We have these minions too and they are next to the kitchen sink so when I do the dishes they do my head in! lol

    Angela from

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  3. Great post and I almost feel it’s like looking into the future that this will be me next year, ha! I am sooo not looking forward to school runs, that’s for sure. Thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst 🙂

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  4. Awww this made me giggle. A lovely post. I feel a bit like this as a stay at home mum! I bet you also can’t wait for them to go back to school but at the same time will be so sad! xx #picknmix

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  5. Ah – why do we beat ourselves up about the crafty things we just can’t do. Step away from pinterest! I’ve stopped looking as it makes me feel so inadequate! #picknmix

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  6. Those minions… We went to MacDonalds the other day to get four happy meals so we could be on the way to collecting the set. They only had one available, and it was one of the ones we already had. So now we have FIVE identical minions! :/
    x Alice

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