Ways to take your mind off ‘those’ awards

If, like me, you know you haven’t a cats chance in hell of winning any kind of blogging award and feel a bit poo about it then here are some ways to take your mind off ‘those’ awards:

 Four finger kit-kat? Dairy milk the size of your oldest child? Double decker eaten the naughty way with the chewy bit first? Whatever floats your boat… get it in your gob. In the airing cupboard obviously, it’s not for sharing.

Run a bath, chuck in 4 kinds of bubble bath – even the one you had from Aunt Agnes that smells a bit like old wardrobes and soggy carpet – just for the hell of it and stay there til you look like ET’s great grandad.

Go for a run – great if you’re athletic you can feel all smug. If you’re a lazy git like me however limp home after 2 minutes with scuffed knees ‘cos you fell over your own damn feet. Spend an hour hunting down plasters that don’t have Hello Kitty or Spider-Man emblazoned across them. Unless of course that’s your thing.

Plan a date night, you’ll be too busy panicking that none of your ‘best’ clothes from 2002 fit any more – hell who inflated my bum to that size? And you’ll have to think of some sort of conversation with your other half that doesn’t involve the kids. Not as easy as it sounds.

Do some craft with the kids. Spend the next 3 days peeling PVA glue off the dining chairs and finding glitter in unimaginable places but hey you have a lovely ermmm thingamabob to put on the mantlepiece or give it to Nanna as a gift. She’ll LOVE it.

Sort through the pile of odd socks that’s threatening to take over the world like little stripy stealth snakes.They’re good. Too good.


Of course it would be lovely to be nominated, to think that someone has read your blog and liked it enough to spend their time to vote but even if you (or I) don’t just remember you all do a grand job on your blogs whether big or small. Pat yourself on the back ladies and gents you’re all totally awesome, keep plodding on and do it for the love of it.
Julie x (2)

A Cornish Mum





12 thoughts on “Ways to take your mind off ‘those’ awards

  1. I gave up running because I would get all puffed out after 30 seconds. These days I am strictly a treadmill gal! But hey, who needs awards when there is chocolate???? Good luck with nominations #KCACOLS

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  2. hehehe this did make me chuckle. Awards season for us bloggers is a bit mad isn’t it? I would totally choose chocolate over any awards!

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again on sunday x

    Liked by 1 person

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