The Importance Of Blogging Besties

If someone had told me nearly 3 years ago that I’d have some amazing friends, I’d never have met them but they would come to be my support network I’d have laughed my fat arse off. You wouldn’t believe it though would you? How could people who live inside your phone be a source of laughter, comfort and people that you can rely on to tell you how it is? Well that’s exactly what did happen. I’m not even sure how it came about but it did.

They are people just like me, who blog for fun, to make a living or just because they love writing and it’s an outlet. For laughter, tears, mayhem and more. The other day I was asked why I started blogging and I couldn’t really give a definitive answer. I know that I may come across as confident across social media and maybe even my blog but I’m really not. I’m blundering along through life eating far too much cake than strictly necessary and making it up as I go. Just like most other people.

These guys though, they get me. They get my sense of humour, maybe even share it. A meme can pop up and straightaway I can think of the perfect person or persons it would relate to. In ‘real life’ Facebook I’m mostly ignored, people scroll on by without a care but in the blogging world there are those certain people who have your back know that it takes blood sweat and tears to build your Facebook page only to find your most recent blog post has a reach of 3. They’ll like and share away as do you for them.

I remember seeing someone talking about a ‘blogging tribe’ and thinking what a load of pretentious bollocks that is. But I fell into one and I’m very happily cwtched in the middle of it even though I still hate that name.

The guy that everyone gravitates towards when they start blogging, come one, come all Daddy of Dad bloggers Martyn Kitney is my first mention. He took me under his wing – mind you I’m not so sure I’d want to be there now having seen his sweaty pits – you’ll have to go browse his blog or ask Hannah Cupcake Mumma to see what I mean! Stevie A Cornish Mum was there for me back when I was a terrified newborn blogger and was the one that made me see that big follower numbers didn’t equal unapproachable.

Martyn also introduced me to Alan OMG It’s a Girl (not sure if I should thank him or smack him in the gob for that one) guaranteed to be risque, totally bonkers and with the cutest daughter you ever did see. Tracey Hooks & Dragons and Ember Relentlessly Purple who make me laugh every single day, pick me up when I’m feeling down, give me advice when I need it and are always there for me.

Someone who makes me roar with laughter over on her Facebook page and shares a mutual love for Tom Hardy – the only other woman in the world I’d ever share him with is Gemma Life is Knutts. If you ever want a gin in one hand and the worlds best cakes in the other, she’s your girl.

A special mention for some ladies I’ve had the privilege to meet in real life and didn’t axe murder me in the carpark are Kate KateLili, Jo First Time Valley Mam and Sally Teddy Bears and Cardigans.

If you happen to be reading this because you just started blogging and you feel like nobody takes any notice of you, you just don’t where to start or you’ve tried to chat to people and not got very far, any of these guys will be happy to talk, help or in Tracey’s case make you the best damn softie you’ll ever purchase!

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Ways to take your mind off ‘those’ awards

If, like me, you know you haven’t a cats chance in hell of winning any kind of blogging award and feel a bit poo about it then here are some ways to take your mind off ‘those’ awards:

 Four finger kit-kat? Dairy milk the size of your oldest child? Double decker eaten the naughty way with the chewy bit first? Whatever floats your boat… get it in your gob. In the airing cupboard obviously, it’s not for sharing.

Run a bath, chuck in 4 kinds of bubble bath – even the one you had from Aunt Agnes that smells a bit like old wardrobes and soggy carpet – just for the hell of it and stay there til you look like ET’s great grandad.

Go for a run – great if you’re athletic you can feel all smug. If you’re a lazy git like me however limp home after 2 minutes with scuffed knees ‘cos you fell over your own damn feet. Spend an hour hunting down plasters that don’t have Hello Kitty or Spider-Man emblazoned across them. Unless of course that’s your thing.

Plan a date night, you’ll be too busy panicking that none of your ‘best’ clothes from 2002 fit any more – hell who inflated my bum to that size? And you’ll have to think of some sort of conversation with your other half that doesn’t involve the kids. Not as easy as it sounds.

Do some craft with the kids. Spend the next 3 days peeling PVA glue off the dining chairs and finding glitter in unimaginable places but hey you have a lovely ermmm thingamabob to put on the mantlepiece or give it to Nanna as a gift. She’ll LOVE it.

Sort through the pile of odd socks that’s threatening to take over the world like little stripy stealth snakes.They’re good. Too good.


Of course it would be lovely to be nominated, to think that someone has read your blog and liked it enough to spend their time to vote but even if you (or I) don’t just remember you all do a grand job on your blogs whether big or small. Pat yourself on the back ladies and gents you’re all totally awesome, keep plodding on and do it for the love of it.
Julie x (2)

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Things I’d like to achieve in 2016

Well I’m back on my poor neglected blog,I’ve eaten all the tooth cryingly sweet stuff,except the box of chocolates which keeps singing to me from the cupboard.I’ve told them to shut their face ‘cos I won’t be eating them.I had a bit of a knock  in confidence over Christmas with blogging and felt I had to step away and recharge myself before trying again.

Here are the things I’d like to achieve in 2016!

• Lose 2 stone,I make no secret (pffft) of having a really bad sweet tooth and eating all the wrong things so I’d really like to sort it once and for all.To be honest I’ve never lost the weight after baby number three who’s now 3!No excuses,I’ve just lacked any motivation!Last year I attended a whole company conference which included a posh evening do and seeing other women in their dresses made me feel quite down as I knew I looked like a sack of spuds.No idea how I’m going to achieve the weightloss yet,still looking into it but any suggestions/personal experiences welcome!

IMG_9276 (2)


•Finally do something about the birds nest that adorns my noggin!I just never seem to be able to do anything with it that looks tidy!GHD’s are a godsend but as soon as I leave the house it’s a frizzy mess and no amount of products seem to help other than make it look like I’ve washed it in Crisp n Dry!Maybe I should spend a day on Youtube watching people who know what they’re doing or wear lots of hats!



•Try to be more confident.I find I get anxious is situations where all eyes are on me.My job involves regular training sessions that are role play based and every time we do one I die a bit inside the night before.I’d love to be like some of the others and think “stuff it,who cares?” but I cant.I did read a fab post by Amy of Mr and Mrs T Plus Three about “faking”confidence when you really don’t feel it and trying to think of how someone you think of as confident and how they would approach a situation.I have to say it worked for me at my last training session and I’m trying to continue to use it when the dreaded butterflies appear!



•Make more effort to post more regularly on my blog.I’m a bit haphazard with it (story of my life!) I need to start properly organising my posts and have bought tonnes of stationery to help me.Let’s hope this year I can get myself properly organised and not do everything in a rush because I’ve tried to do too much!



•Try to grow my followers on Facebook,Instagram and Pinterest as I’m totally crap with them.I seem to do well with Twitter but the others are full of nowt but tumbleweed!!



So these are my goals,this is the first time I’ve EVER sat and given myself goals of any description so it will be interesting to see how I get on with them!

What are you hoping to achieve?



1st Blog Anniversary and Giveaway!

I really can’t believe it’s already been a whole year since I published my first post but it has!!Back when I decided to write a blog I had no idea where it would go or what would happen but I can honestly say I’ve connected with some REALLY lovely people and had a laugh and a cry along the way.

I think my vision was to have an intelligent blog and write about serious things but no, it descended into silliness and to be fair I’ve enjoyed it more writing about the things that go wrong and being honest about myself 😉

My favourite post is actually one of the only serious ones I wrote about my experience with Hyperemesis Gravidarum I found it really good for me to write about my experience and put it behind me knowing I won’t have to go through it ever again!

A close second for favourite is one I didn’t even write myself…hmm not sure what that says about my writing capabilities…it’s a poem that was written for me by the lovely Rhyming With Wine and called To Those Who Call Me Boring.

So, onto the giveaway!I’ve put together a bundle – bought by myself as a thankyou for all the likes,shares and comments and I’m running a competition for one of you lucky buggers to win it!

Included in the prize is:

A Cadbury Gift Bag

Dairy Milk 360g

Dairy Milk Giant Buttons 119g

Twirl Bites 109g

2 x Freddo Faces Bags

Chocolate Santa

Drinking Chocolate 250g

2 x Gordon’s Gin and Tonic 250ml cans

Oh and 2 x Shopkins packs to keep the kids amused while you scoff the lot!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

1. The competition is open to residents of the UK only.
2. There is no cash alternative offered.
3. To enter, please use the rafflecopter widget above.
4. The winner will be drawn at random from all qualifying entries.
5. The giveaway will run until Midnight 30/11/15 
6. Once the giveaway is over the winner will be contacted for their details to arrange postage of their prize 🙂

The Blogger Interview


Thankyou to the fab Emma at The Joy of Five and Morna at Awesome Austerity for tagging me in The Blogger Interview!

How did you get into blogging?

I was entering some competitions on a couple of blogs and stopped for a read – I though, hey, I could do this!It went from there really!I read lots of other blogs before finally taking the jump.I had absolutely no idea what I was doing to start with and it’s a learning curve.

I did enjoy writing stories when I was a lot younger  and can be just as much fun now.Some days I really struggle for inspiration and others I lie in bed and think of a post in seconds.

What advice would you give another blogger who is just starting out?

Be prepared for it to take over.I love it and hope to get bigger and better as time goes on but there is a lot of work involved which you don’t realise when you start.With 3 kids and a part time job I feel as though I’m always doing something and have to stop myself constantly looking at phone!

How has your blog changed since you started writing it?

When I started it was pure crap in all honesty!I wanted to write awesome posts that would get me taken seriously however it didn’t quite work out that way and I’ve ended up writing pretty juvenile posts but hey,it’s good fun!

What would be your dream campaign?

For me I would really like to work with Hotter, I adore their shoes and would love to blog for them or for my kids some kind of toy testing.How cool would it be for me them to try out new toys for review?!

Do you have a plan for your blog?

I just go from day to day with it at the moment.It would be nice to one day get to the stage where it was a full time job.I’d also love to run a linky but I’m not brave enough to go down that road yet.Plus I actually have to come up with an idea first!Harder than it seems.

What do you think about ratings?

I think everyone worries about them to some extent and who wants to think their latest post that blood, sweat and tears has gone into will be published and read by 1 person in Outer Mongolia!I sometimes watch the flutter of Tots 100 tweets when it’s updated and think I must be crap cos I’m barely inside the top 1000 never mind 100 but then remember I do it for myself so stuff it.

I now nominate Sandy at Mommy’s Little Princesses and Rachel at Mummy In Training apologies if you’ve already been nominated ladies!Anyone else who fancies it can join in too 🙂