Win a potty training kit with HUGGIES® Pull-Ups®

Win a potty training kit with HUGGIES® Pull-Ups®

HUGGIES® Pull-Ups®, the perfect tool for potty training, are encouraging parents and toddlers to say goodbye to nappies and hello to learning pants! The new learning liner inside HUGGIES® Pull-Ups® allows toddlers to feel wetness for a few moments, before quickly drawing the moisture away. This way, little ones will start to learn the difference between wet and dry and means they can ultimately stay dry on their own.

HUGGIES® Pull-Ups®, specifically designed to make potty training easier, have teamed up with Picking Up Toys to win a potty training starter kit to help your little one graduate to real undies with ease.

This includes two packs of HUGGIES® Pull-Ups® and two packs of HUGGIES® Pull-Ups® night time, both of which have Disney® graphics to make learning fun and encourage independence.

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Potty Training Live – Dry Like Me – Week 1 Review and Giveaway!

So this week has flown past and we are now well into potty training my little lady.As I said in my previous post we are mostly dry during the day so I really wanted to get her dry at night too.

When Dry Like Me offered me the chance to review their Potty Training Pads to review I jumped the chance!We were previously using Pull Ups and so this seemed the logical next step in order to ditch the nappies altogether.

So first impressions I honestly “wow these will never keep her dry” they are absorbent pads you just pop in your childs underwear that will catch any wee/poo if they do happen to go.They can be used at the front,the back or both if you feel they need it.They even come with a little pouch if you want to pop them in your bag when out and about!


I explained to my daughter we weren’t going to use pull ups anymore and she was going to be a really big girl and try her “star pads” she reacted really well and after the first night ran to get them ready when she was changing for bed!

The first night she was actually dry but then when she came downstairs she promptly wee’d!It did catch most of it but I was quite impressed that it only leaked a bit considering it would have been a wee she was holding overnight!

We got 4 dry nights out of the 7 and I’m finding it an awful lot easier than I expected to!I have no qualms that she will be dry after the 5 week period.


Dry Like Me are the new, smarter way to get your child out of nappies and into proper pants. The award-winning, handy little potty training pads turn all pants into potty training pants by adding an absorbent layer to give your little one extra confidence when learning to live without the nappy, and help to ease the pressures on you.

To celebrate the launch of their annual summer potty training programme, Potty Training Live! 2015, Dry Like Me is giving away a ‘Smarter Way to Potty Train’ pack worth £24 each. They contain four boxes of Dry Like Me pads with a lovely reward chart and stickers, and a copy of award-winning book ‘How to Potty Train’ – all the tools you need to help your little one achieve potty training success!

Dry Like Me pads help your child to recognise their body’s cues for the loo, a key part of potty training.  While they are learning, they capture small accidents and so reduce the mess and stress.

For more information, practical advice and special offers go to

Dry Like Me are available from most major supermarkets both online and in-store, on Amazon, and directly from Dry Like Me in their online potty training shop.

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1. The competition is open to residents of the UK only.
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We’re joining Dry Like Me – Potty Training Live!

So we’ve signed up to Potty Training Live with Dry Like Me.My daughter who has just turned 3 is mostly dry during the day (apart from a few “having too much fun accidents”) so I’m trying Dry Like Me Potty Training Pads to see if they can help get her dry at night too over a 5 week course.


“Potty Training Live! has been designed by Jude and Di, creators of award winning potty training pads Dry Like Me. Over the last 2 years, we helped almost 2000 families to potty train throughout the summer, and this year, we’d love to help you! Potty Training Live! is here to help guide parents and carers through the stress and mess of potty training.

We will help break potty training down into the key stages and hand-hold you through each stage. We will be available to answer all your questions and will also help you share your experiences with others in the same position. We have also organised some competitions and guest bloggers to help make potty training a pleasure, not a boot camp!

Your child may or may not be fully trained by the end of the five weeks, but they should be making good progress and you will be armed with information and tips to make sure you achieve success and stay sane throughout the process!

Potty training is a major milestone and getting dry should be celebrated not endured. Hopefully Potty Training Live! will help you make this happen. Sign up for our weekly emails. They will give you hints and tips and direct you to more detailed blogs and videos to help you. We don’t want to overload you with information so if you need any extra help, just get in touch.

It’s not too late to join Potty Training Live! so please spread the word! You can also Like Us on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter to get involved. It’s not too late to join Potty Training Live! so please spread the word! You can also Like Us on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter to get involved.”

I’m really hoping they can help and I can’t wait to get started!


*I was sent the items for free in exchange for an honest review*