Born Gifted Teacher Gifts

I cannot actually believe it’s that time again when the kids finish up for their summer holiday break ready to drive Mum’s and Dad’s bananas all over the place. If you want to give that special teacher a little something lovely then Born Gifted is a great place to go!

We had a snoop around when they got in touch and decided that this Personalised Classic Wooden Pen and Pencil Box Set fitted the bill perfectly. I don’t like to buy chocolates as I’m sure they must end up with them coming out of their ears!

This lovely set includes a wooden box made from beech and includes any message you choose over 3 lines. The pen and pencil are also personalised with a name making this a great gift for anyone who enjoys writing. There’s a whole host of occasions you could buy it for not just as a teacher gift.

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Would You Step In?

Last night I read and was appalled by a message in our school’s parents group regarding children of 8/9 that had been fighting on the yard and ONLY 1 Dad had been willing to step in to attempt to stop them despite there being plenty of other people around (no teachers at the time). I replied saying that I had myself stepped in on several occasions, when kids have been actually fighting and when older lads were throwing a younger ones bag in a puddle which I’ve talked about before and was then – and still am now – surprised at how many people won’t and don’t step in for whatever reason. I don’t do the school run anymore as I work full time now and in some ways I’m quite glad.

Some parents said they were disgusted that the poor guy was left to deal with it by himself and they would step in if they saw it, some said they had done something to stop fighting in the past and some said they didn’t like to because they worry about repercussions. The times that I stepped in I didn’t stop to think, it was just automatic that I had to stop a child being hurt although I do understand why people would hesitate. Sometimes you may feel as though you shouldn’t if it isn’t your child or a child you know or you have found yourself in a bad situation following stepping in on a previous occasion.

Interested to know what other people also thought I asked my fellow bloggers for their input and this is what they had to say:

Victoria from LyliaRose

Yes if I saw my own child being bullied or being a bully I would definitely step in! I would also tell the teachers immediately and want it to be discussed with the other parents of children involved. When I was at school I was bullied and the teachers didn’t do anything for ages. My mum told the school, but they didn’t act immediately and they should have.

Jemma from Mayflower Blogs

I’d hope a teacher would get involved if it was in the school playground-but if there wasn’t I’d definitely get involved to split it up then report to a member of staff! 

Pete from HouseholdMoneySaving

I would step in, and would like to think most people would. I would hate the idea that if an adult saw one of my kids being picked on, they wouldn’t do anything about it.

Leigh from DadGeek

In my opinion, schools are ill-equipped to deal with bullying and frequently a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy is nothing more than a failure to adequately report issues that are happening.

With that in mind I would definitely step in if I saw something like that happening. Too often lazy parents let their kids become hooligans because ‘boys will be boys’.

Christy from Welsh Mum

I would absolutely step in by attempting to de-escalate the situation, calling the bullies out on their behaviour if possible and I would of course go to a member of staff. I can’t imagine just turning my back on a child being bullied whether it was my child or not!

Ayse from ArePops

I would like to think I would but it’s hard to know for sure. I have stood up for people (adults) in the street who were being attacked. I would definitely make my presence known to the kids in the hopes that would stop it without direct interference. (I’ve been attacked previously as a child and as an adult for stepping into situations and it’s made me a little anxious about whether I would do it now, unfortunately.)

Folakemi from PeacocksCanFly

I can’t sit there and watch my child or any child being bullied. I would hope an adult would at least try to diffuse the situation and then report it to the school authorities.

Kate from TheMumConundrum

If it involved my kids, or someone was getting physically harmed I would step in directly. In any case I would take note of exactly what was happening and report it to the school immediately. I worked in a school office for 7 years so I know how the system works: If I send a report of what happened by email, the school are then legally obligated to investigate it (it needs to be put in writing).

Sinead from SineadLatham

If there was no one from the school present then I would step in and ask someone to go and find a teacher at the same time. Whilst I am happy to intervene, I have to be aware of other parents and how they would react. It’s a sad world we live in when we worry about how parents will respond.

Eilidh from MummyandMonkeys

Yes definitely! I am a teacher so I do it instinctively. Depending on the situation I would step in or go over and just ask if everything was ok, that’s usually enough to stop it. I would then make sure the school are aware! 

Pippa from AMothersRamblings

I’m a School Governor at two schools and I am well known and will always challenge it if I see it in the Schools I’m in. I’ve only seen it once some kids were throwing mud at another child and as soon as I started striding over to the kids, they all stopped, shocked that a grown up had seen them and was going to call them out.

I asked them all to go to the office to speak with the head (this was before school and most parents had left already) and I went too and wrote a report, so it would be an official investigation and I could ensure it was followed up on.

Once I was driving home from my Sister’s home when I saw some kids chasing another with a tree branch. So I stopped the car got out, yelled at the kids to stop and had the kid being chased come to me. They were petrified of these bigger kids, so I stayed with them until the Police came (I called them too!).

Su from Ethan&Evelyn

Yes I would! Bulling is appalling. FULL STOP!

Kristie from MammaPrada

I would step in. My son was bullied in his first term of reception year. He told me at dinner one night and I was shocked. I told the school but at first they didn’t believe me. It took several months and other children saying the same about the same bully for the School to take it seriously. Very frustrating!

 Gemma from MummyInTheMadhouse

I cannot and I will not tolerate bullying from any sort of level, whether it’s from a child or an adult. I would most definitely step in & try to diffuse the situation, I would then let a member of staff know what has happened. I just wouldn’t not be able to get involved, whether the child was mine or not. Bullying shouldn’t ever be tolerated! 

What are your thoughts? Would you step in? Have you stepped in? Has your child got hurt and you wished somebody had stepped in?

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Last Minute Back To School Ideas

Back to School time is upon us once more and the last minute purchase scramble is in full swing. Here I’m sharing some fab options if you’re yet to finish shopping for your littles and are looking for some inspiration.

Smiggle Says Silicone Roll Bottle £13.50 

This awesome Smiggle drinks bottle can be rolled up to take anywhere, great for lunchbags with a fold down spout, squeezy body and a handy caribiner clip to attach it to their bag. The silicone carry strap can be used to hold the rolled up bottle in place.

Smiggle Chaos Twin Zip Pencil Case £10

Rectangular soft block pencil case perfectly sized for holding all their stationery items. Features 2 zipped compartments, attractive bright colours the Smiggle logo embroidered to the front.

BRITA fill&go Active Water Bottle in Pink & Lime £12

The BRITA fill&go Active water bottle is an easy way to make sure your child is hydrated at school. At our school they ask us to bring plain water in bottles to be kept in the classroom as well as their drink in their lunchbag, which makes the Brita fill&go ideal as it can be filled up at any tap and the Microdisc filter (which lasts a month) will reduce the levels of impurities and chlorine, leaving you with fresh tasting water. It comes in lime,pink,blue and purple colourways and has a BPA free pull up/push down mouthpiece and a cap. The filters are replaceable and can be purchased separately.


Pusheen Lunchbox Set from Find Me A Gift £7.99

This stackable bento-style lunch box set features a cute Pusheen cat illustration to the top and inner layer. The set is made up of two individually-lidded layers that clip neatly together meaning you get a small, medium and large compartments, big enough for a yummiest of packed lunches. Even better, included are a spoon and fork.

Madpax Tennis Ball Bag Pink & Green from Room To Grow £29.99 each.

These quirky bags are made to look exactly like giant tennis balls. Double padded straps and a carry handle make it cool for school along with zipped pockets, inside compartments for pens/pencils/ dinner money purse or wallet and space for a lunch box/ drink bottle. Also great for days out or sports kit, particularly great fun if you have a tennis mad child!

Personalised Patchwork Union Jack Swim/PE Bag from Born Gifted £11

This great quality bag has made of bright blue canvas outer and has a waterproof lining  and black drawstring dual cords double up as shoulder straps. It’s roomy too, making this a perfect choice for either PE kit (which is what we will use it for) or swimming kit. It can be personalised with up to 12 letters, great for ensuring their PE kit doesn’t go walkabouts from their peg. In the school holidays it can even be used for days out. I also love that these guys are an independent website. It’s easy to go for all the big chains without seeing the other options out there.


Term Scarlett Touch Fastening School Shoe from New Brands £39.99 (Left)

Comfortable yet hardwearing and sturdy. Easy to get on and off with the velcro straps and a pretty pattern to the black leather upper. Term shoes come in half sizes which is brilliant if you struggle to get your child the right size.

 Black Boat Shoes from Dobell £29.99 (Right)

These black touch fasten shoes come with a double strap fastening for easy on and off. A padded collar for extra comfort and breathable mesh inside lining. They also have easy to clean uppers and durable soles which make them ideal for running around at school.


Del Monte Squeezies from Asda RRP 50p

These yummy squeeezy fruit pouches are packed with vitamins and minerals and full of flavour. As every pack counts as one of your five a day there’s no worrying what they’re eating at school and with 100% fruit, no added sugar or artificial ingredients there’s only goodness involved. The caps of the pouches can even be joined together to make fun shapes once they’re done enjoying them. Perfect for fitting in their lunchbox or as a snack after school. They come in Apple/Banana/Strawberry, Apple & Mango and Apple/Strawberry/Blueberry flavours.


Sheaffer Star Wars Stationery from £10

With a Darth Vader roller ball pen, Yoda pencil case and journal these are the perfect choice for any Star Wars fan big or small. The pencil case is large enough to fit all the essential school items or pens and pencils for after school colouring fun. A brilliant journal for writing about your day, remembering the all important homework or doodling your favourite Star Wars character in. Han Solo for me 😉


*Some of the items featured were provided free for the purposes of this post however all opinions remain honest and my own*

Chatterbox Planet Magnets Review

Chatterbox Planet is the brainchild of Geraldene who created her magnets as a way of helping children express themselves through creating stories. We got the chance to try out the Starter Pack Combo  and see what we thought.

The magnets come in lovely bright packaging with the Chatterbox Planet logo stickers. There were a sheet of magnets, a little wipe clean magnetic board– perfect for little hands- and pen included.

The Starter Pack magnets as you can see were animals, people, toys, modes of travel and nature. They have bright colours and cute little pictures to make story telling fun for little ones. The magnetic board is light and easy to carry so would be great for taking with you on a day out in the car or even if you just want to keep them amused when you have an appointment to go to.

My kids tried them out and made up some really daft stories of course the word ‘poo’ came up – what is it with kids and that word?! So I had to steer the story back on the right track with the cake magnet because cake solves everything, right?!

There are lots of other ways to play with the magnets too which are explained in the leaflet that comes with them. Such as stacking the magnets face down and choosing one form the top and each person then continues the story, quite funny trying to make up a story on the hop! You can also sort the magnets into types i.e people, animals etc.

This is a really fun activity for children and really gets them thinking as they try to make up a story to go along with the chosen magnets. I like the fact that this can be used again and again and the board can also be used to help practice writing/spelling etc which is something we have been working on with our younger children – the teen can write his own name even though he moans about the effort in picking up a pen 😉

You can find Chatterbox Magnets on


*We were sent the Starter Pack free for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own*

Skippy Peanut Butter Review & Giveaway

The Summer Holidays went by so ridiculously quickly and it’s back to school runs and lunchbox filling already. Skippy offered to send me some peanut butter in Smooth and Extra Crunchy to see whether it would go down a treat. According to the American Peanut Council, every serving of SKIPPY® Peanut Butter is a good source of protein, providing 15% of the recommended daily intake in just two tablespoons.  Made from high-oleic peanuts from the USA, they’re proven to be both healthier and better tasting.


They both come in a brightly coloured 340g plastic jars. Both peanut butters spread really well and don’t “smash the bread up” as my partner so eloquently put it! As you can see below on toast the bread is still intact and covered all over and this was straight out of the fridge. Whilst both were lovely and everyone was expecting to prefer the smooth the overall opinion was that the crunchy one was the resounding winner.Lots of crunch mixed with the smooth made for a really lovely spread for a snack and for sandwiches.



We have tried other peanut butters and we really do think this is one of the nicest we’ve ever had. They are also very nice when mixed with jam, banana and honey for a little twist. Not necassarily all at the same time mind you 😀

SKIPPY® Peanut Butter has a RRP of £2.25 per 340g jar and is available in Smooth and Super Crunch varieties, which are currently available in major UK supermarkets, including Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

Further information, plus more recipe ideas from SKIPPY® Peanut Butter, can be found at

I’m giving 3 of my lovely readers a chance to win a jar Skippy Peanut Butter along with a Spreader! Enter via the Rafflecopter below:


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  5.  The giveaway will run until Midnight 09/10/16
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*We were sent the items free for the purpose of this review however all opinions are honest and my own*

Wet and Windy School Runs are Rubbish!

School runs aren’t that much fun at the best of times but wet and windy school runs are rubbish.Here’s why!

1. You can’t carry an umbrella.It turns inside out and you feel a total knob and you can’t hold more than 1 little hand.

2. If you wear a coat with a furry hood all you can see when you turn your head to try and cross the road is this:IMG_9600

3. But if you don’t, you end up like this:


4. You have to walk the long way round if you live near any water for fear of having to wade in and rescue one of your kids from the canal when the wind blows that extra bit harder. A swim amongst the shopping trolleys is not my cup of tea ta very much.

5. Wellies are fantastic in this weather except if you’ve got chunky calves like me in which case you give yourself a hernia trying to get the bloody things back off!! You get your other half to help and end up kicking him in the gob. Accidentally of course ;-).

6. The skinny jeans you hail as being the comfiest things ever are stuck to your legs and you need to peel yourself out of them. Have you ever wanted to know what it was like to be a banana? Well now you do.

7. If you’re not brave enough to fight with the wellies and wear your best boots instead you get that horrible line across them when they dry that looks like a slug has had a field day.

8. You take a carrier bag to school with you to keep lunch bags and shoes dry. When you carry the empty bag back it flaps around and makes you feel like a pillock. I’m not chucking it though. Bloody thing cost me 6p!

9. One of the kids chooses the exact day when it’s smashing it down and the paths are like a river to trip and fall flat on their face and you spend the next 20 minutes listening to them tell you how cold and wet they are and not being able to do bugger all about it.

10. Putting your coat on to pick up the kids at the end of the day and realising that you didn’t put it somewhere sensible to dry. So now it’s cold, wet and weighs a ton.

Bring on the summer!!



Crap we believed as kids!

Funny how much stupid stuff was rumoured when we were kids and when you’re young you believe all sorts of nonsense. Every school/town/city has it’s own “urban myths” and ours was just the same. This post was inspired by Julian at Northern Dad Blog with his post about school in the 80’s it’s hilarious, have a read 🙂

Crap we believed as kids!

•To get to our school we had to walk through a graveyard (nice) and one of the graves had an angel sat on top. Rumour had it that if you ran around it 3 times it would open it’s eyes. I ran around it 3 times. Did she open her eyes? Search me, I was out of there like a rat up a drainpipe. I wasn’t sticking round to find out. Hard as nails me…

•The cottage next to the school housed a witch. Honest. Mandy’s cousins aunty’s friend told my brother that he saw her warts and all. If your ball goes in her garden and you go in there to get it she’ll eat it. Then eat you. In all the years I went to that primary school I never once saw who lived there. Maybe that’s not a bad thing…

•There were devil worshippers at the tower in the hills. They sacrificed humans so don’t even think about going camping, they’ll dance round a fire with torches and chop random bits of you off. This could possibly be true I suppose but who the heck wants to find out?!!

•The man who ran the local bakery did unspeakable things with his doughnuts. As you do. Poor guy had to get the holes in them somehow didn’t he?! Chelsea buns were ok though. Well I bloody hope they were because I took a bit of a liking to them.  They never did me any harm anyway.

•When we went on a school trip -mountain climbing/outdoor pursuits style trip – that involved a stay over, one particular trip had the dormitory backing onto a graveyard (there’s a theme here) and written all over the delightful plastic waterproof mattresses were warnings about the “Black Nun” who of course would get you if you dared to go to sleep. This was written amongst the disgusting “Roses are Red” dirty poems that weren’t in the slightest bit funny 😀 all fun and games til 3am and you’re all terrified to sleep and the teacher wanders in in her best nightie and her hair all over the place. But it’s dark so you don’t realise it’s her to start with so you scream and then she screams because you startled her and then you get a right bollocking for messing about.

•Whenever you went on a school trip (as above) at least 2 of the teachers were having an affair. Whether they were happily married and 1 was at least 100 and the other 30 made no difference, every look, every laugh triggered much elbowing, sniggering and “see, I told you they were shagging” I very much doubt they were though. I imagine they were far too stressed after a day with us little gits to have the energy for shenanigans!

I wouldn’t change it for anything though, it’s all part of growing up isn’t it. Next time you have a doughnut you might want to check the size of the hole the jam comes out of though 😉


A Cornish Mum