Making Planning Easier – A Stationery Wishlist

Now that I’ve started working full time I’m finding that I need to plan everything really well from school uniforms to homework and everything in between. Without writing things down I find it all goes out of my head completely. I could keep things in my phone but I’m quite old fashioned with that and like to have a physical copy of things I need to get done.

I’m also a fan of nice stationery and anything that makes it easier to keep track of what you’re doing whether that be at home or at work. It’s great to find things that not only look nice but are functional at the same time. Here’s a little wishlist of stationery items  that could make things a little simpler.Stationery Wishlist

1. Mum’s Luxury Diary from Recipe Diary £10.99
With a pretty teal and gold cover, page keeping ribbons, elastic closure, lie-flat binding for easy writing and lots of stickers for pin pointing special occasions and important things to remember. It also features a notes pocket, room to write the days plans and lots of recipe ideas throughout. A Birthday & anniversary gift record and a Christmas gift record and even space for your contacts. It’s all here in this Diary for busy parents.

2. Worther Shorty Pencil Red from Pen Heaven £7.00

This cute hexagonal shaped pencil with soft 3mm 7B lead can be used on wood, metal, paper and plastic. It comes with two spare leads and is made from plastic. Easy to use and change the lead just hold the button to release lead tilt it and then release button to secure the lead in place. Ideal for scribbling in your diary or sticky notes. They also come in pen versions in a whole host of different colours.

3. Leuchtturm1917 Medium Metallic 2018 Diary from Pen Heaven £18.50

This gorgeous silver coloured diary/weekly planner/notebook has week-to-page and adjacent note page format so there’s lots of room to write everything you need. Large enough to contain all you need but small enough to carry in your handbag. Features also include an expandable internal pocket and colour-matched elastic closure, removable address book insert and self-adhesive archiving stickers and acid-free, ink-proof paper which has been specially designed to withstand ink bleeding and ensure that your pages stay neat and tidy whichever pen you use for your scribbles. The lovely thing about this is you can also have it embossed with a name (extra cost) which makes it a great idea for Christmas. Also available in Gold.

4. Meow Woof Sticky Memo from Smiggle £5

If you need to use sticky notes why not make them fun and quirky? These come in 2 different designs – cat and dog – each with 200 bright yellow/orange sticky notes inside! Perfect for reminding yourself of all the little jobs you need to do leave someone else a note or even jotting down the bits of shopping you need to pick up.

5. Wilko Enterprising Britain Desk Planner Pad £2

Perfect for popping on your desk, this planner has space for listing things you need to do, most important items, what you’ll have for lunch (maybe if I plan I wont stuff myself with cake?!) things that went well and things that could have gone better. All in a rip off pad ready for the day ahead. Matching stationery items also available.

What stationery items do you love that help you plan and keep everything running smoothly?


*Some of the items shown were gifted however all opinions remain honest and my own*

What’s In Your Party Bag?

We’ve all had a party bag that’s contained a whistle or a horrific noisy toy of some description. In fact the last party we attended the Mum pointed it out giggling. If money were no object what would you put in your party bag? Here, I’ve listed a few of the things I’d put in my ultimate party bag.1.1.  Fruit Salad Sour Softies – what’s a party bag without sweets? A new twist on some old favourites, I loved a cheeky bag of Fruit Salads as a kid and these soft versions are just as great! The same Fruit Salad flavour of old but with a sour note. Not eye wateringly sour but just enough to kick that extra exciting kick! Fruit Salad Sour Softies are available from Tesco, Asda and many other convenience/independent retailers in 120g & 160g sized bags priced from £1. Also in the range are Fruit Salad Softies and Refreshers Softies if you fancy going all out on the retro flavours.

2. BIC pens/pencils – my kids love to get colouring items in a party bag and when I think of quality items BIC is the one that comes to mind. Lots of choice, felt pens, pencils, crayons. So dependent on the age of the children attending there’s something for everyone. I particularly like the BIC Kids Learner Mechanical pencil   and the Conte range of pens and pencils. Perhaps pop in a mini colouring or dot to dot book to go with it and away they go.

3. Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt Trading Cards – Kids love a trading card or 20 don’t they?Now there are some new ones in town. Currently on Series 1, there are 350 monsterific cards to collect, featuring ULTRA RARE cards. These cards are great fun to collect and swap and even has it’s own app to download from the App Store or Google Play. Each card has a code to scan into the game. You can hatch your own egg and then customise and name your Moshling! You can play games and solve puzzles to earn Rox, which can be used to buy monsterific food and room items.

4. Little Brian Paint Sticks – These nifty no-mess paint sticks from Little Brian are brilliant for when the kids want to get arty but you don’t fancy the carnage that comes with it. In glue stick sized solid paint they are easy to paint with can be used on different surfaces such as windows! They dry super quick so no getting the paint everywhere or having to hang the pictures up. Little Brian paint sticks are available from Asda and Amazon and come in packs of 6 (RRP £4.99) or 12 (RRP £7.99)

5. Itty Bitty’s – These sweet little guys in the Hallmark Itty Bitty range are just the cutest! Small enough to fit in little hands (and party bags) and soft enough to cuddle up in bed as they’re made from a lovely plush material. They come in many different gorgeous collections such as Star Wars, Marvel, Peanuts and Snoopy, Wizard Of Oz, DC Comics, and Scooby-Doo.  Great value at £6 each.



*Some of the featured items were gifted for the purpose of this post however all opinions remain honest and my own*

Fun With Phoenix Trading

Over the Easter holidays we tried out some great little activities from Phoenix Trading. If you’ve not yet come across them they are a direct selling, independent card publishing house and have sold in excess of 150 million cards worldwide. Phoenix Trading does not sell its products through conventional retail outlets; instead they market an exclusive range of cards and stationery through their international team of over 10,000 worldwide Independent Phoenix Traders. They sent us a few great items to try out and see what we thought. We received:

  1. Colour-In Tablecloth 
  2. Bunting Paper Dolls 
  3. Little Woodland Animals Frieze Colour-In

Colour-In Tablecloth


The tablecoth is 39″ by 39″ and printed in black & white for your little ones to colour in their own choice of colours. There are lots of different things to colour from unicorns to rockets.

The kids found this great fun and would you believe they coloured, sat next to each other without fighting!! This was very engaging for them and could be used with pens or pencils depending on which they/you prefer to use. I also think these would be lovely on the tables at children’s Birthday Parties or even adults. Why not? Certainly a talking point!

Price: £6.00

Bunting Paper Dolls

Phoenix-trading-bunting-paper dolls

The paper dolls come in as 10 pop out cards of 1 girl/1 boy – so 20 in total and with a 4 metre ribbon for threading the finished dolls on to.

Phoenix-trading-bunting-paper dolls

Pop each doll out to draw on with pens or pencils or even get the craft box out and stick bits on to make your character. My children chose to do a mixture of both.

The dolls come with holes pre-cut to make threading with the ribbon easier to make the bunting. These kept them amused for ages especially when the glue sticks came out, they love a bit of sticking (or making a mess in their case!)

Price: £6.00

Little Woodland Animals Frieze Colour-In


This is a frieze with 5 panels in black & white that folds out to make a fun picture for colouring in.



Enough room for 2 children to sit side by side and colour or lots of different parts to colour for 1 child. Featuring lots of different woodland animals having a party complete with cakes and balloons.

Price £3.00

Overall we really enjoyed trying these out, the kids because it gave them something really fun to do and me because it gave me 5 minutes peace!! Our favourite was most definitely the tablecloth as this was great value for money. You can make a game out of finding certain things on it before or after colouring it in.All the items would also make a great choice for those rainy days when the kids are bouncing off the walls and you can’t get out.


*We were gifted the items for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own*

Little Brian Paint Sticks

It’s a question that strikes fear into many a parents heart. “Can I do some painting?” Visions of paint on floors, walls and lots of other places it shouldn’t be come to mind. Well fear no more Little Brian Paint Sticks are solid paints in a stick that you can twist up and down, just like you would with a glue stick! This means none of the mess involved with having water pots and soggy paper.


We got the chance to try out a pack of 12 colours and as Little Lady had chicken pox she was bored senseless so it seemed the perfect time to break them out. We went outdoors as it was a lovely day and I think in the back of my mind I was thinking ‘paint, argh best go outside’ but we didn’t need to as there really is no mess.

The sticks are the perfect size for small hands and are easy to twist and paint with. I was surprised at how quickly they dried too, none of that hanging it up somewhere while you wait nonsense. They are easy to get out and put away with no fuss. I also like that these could be taken out with you as they can be taken in the pack without making a mess everywhere.


Something else you can do with them is draw on windows! Something you’d never dream of doing with normal paints. The paint just wipes off, my daughter was amazed that I let her draw on the glass of the patio door with them!

Overall we really liked these and they have been used regularly as I like the fact that even if they got paint on their hands it wipes off easily and there’s no clear up involved, just putting them back in the box. If your kids love painting I’d definitely recommend giving these a go!

Little Brian paint sticks are available from Asda and Amazon and come in packs of 6 (RRP £4.99) or 12 (RRP £7.99) and there are even metallic and day glo versions available as if they weren’t fab enough already!!


*We were gifted the item for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own*

BIC Colouring Review & Giveaway

When I was contacted by BIC with an offer to review some of their products it didn’t take me long to say yes as the kids had ‘accidentally’ put some coloured BIC pens in the trolley on a shopping trip earlier that day so I knew they would be very happy to help me review! We received a pack of BIC kids Ecolutions Evolution colouring pencils and a pack of Conte felt pens. There’s a chance to win a set of both at the end of this post. BIC is a household name that started with the iconic Crystal pen in 1950 and now has a huge range of products.


The Ecolution Evolution colouring pencils came as a pack of 12 (there are also packs of 18 & 24 available) and contained all the colours you would expect for children to happily  colour with. They’re wood free and made from 50% recycled materials and are very strong, so if your children are like mine and are a bit rough sometimes then you know they won’t snap and splinter. They sharpen well without any rough bits like some of the cheaper pencils we have bought in the past. Each pencil is embossed with gold lettering and makes them look very professional.


The Conte felt pens came in a metal tin of 10 (also available in 20) brightly coloured thin tipped felts. The nibs are very strong so when the kids go all out colouring their masterpiece you don’t have to worry about them being pushed in. They can also last for up to 3 months (wow) without the lids on although they do come with lids that click on to keep them properly. They’re made from water based ink which means they wash out because someone ALWAYS draws on something they shouldn’t don’t they?! It wiped clean from the kitchen table easily.


As you can see the kids had a great time trying them out, tongue out for concentration. All the best artists do that don’t they? They are both just the right thickness for drawing Minecraft characters that my son is obsessed with currently!

Overall I was really impressed with the quality of both sets and the children have continued to use both since we opened them. The Conte set I think would also make a lovely present for someone who enjoys adult colouring as the tin they come in is lovely.

For your chance to win 1 pack of both Conte pens and Ecolution Evolutions colouring pencils enter via the Rafflecopter below!


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Julie x (2)

*We were sent the items for the purpose of this post however all opinions remain honest and my own*