Ten random things in my handbag

If you’re anything like me then your handbag will be full of crap. Here are ten random things in my handbag!

1. Breakfast biscuits, pretty normal you may think. Sadly they have been squished to some kind of cardboard coloured dust. They are emergency ones though so they have to stay because you just never know when you need emergency dust.

2. A purple squishy sticky hand. Bought in one of those capsule machines conveniently placed at the local soft play centre, the gits. It’s now covered in bits of fluff and other crap from the bottom of my bag. Can’t throw it because you know the second you do the child owner will want it and scream like they’ve lost a limb when they can’t find it.

3. A pair of My Little Pony socks, probably the only time you’ll find an actual real life PAIR of socks in this house. In my bag because my daughter ALWAYS removes her socks when she enters a house. Surprised she doesn’t take them off when she goes into school and lob them at the teacher.

4. Three purple Skittles. No idea how or why they’re there, haven’t bought skittles for a long time! My favourites are the green but I wouldn’t leave the purples out- poor mites but even I can’t bring myself to eat them :-D.

5. Four tubes of lipbalm. Lipbalm that I never, ever remember to put on. I once bought a little tub of Carmex at Boots and when I got home opened it to find someone else’s fingerprint in it. WHO DOES THAT?! Like the young girls who do their make-up with the testers, how many other manky fingers have been in there? Bleurgh.

6. 500 bobbles in various colours of the rainbow. Can I find one when I want one though? Course not. I tend to put one round my wrist too but then when I take it off to use it at work it leaves those dodgy marks around your wrist that raise an eyebrow 😮

7. A key – I don’t know which lock it fits but I daren’t get rid in case it’s for something really important like a bank vault or Cadbury’s factory. Be gutted if I couldn’t get in wouldn’t I? 😉

8. A packet of hand wipes that have dried out because the sticky plastic bit has come off. Think I will actually chuck these out. Althoooough they could be good as emergency toilet paper right? Those days when you have to force yourself to take the kids into scary Saw movie type public toilets that smell like well, poo, vaguely masked with some vile lavender scented muck. The stuff they have masquerading as loo roll could have themselves up on a trading standards charge. Comfy and quilted it aint.

9. A Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle on a string from a Kinder Egg, a lego man without a head and Olaf with his nose chewed off. Poor sod.

10. A screwed up leaflet for a beauty salon I’ll never have the time or money to visit. I’m just going to have to bump along with my frizzy hair and manky face 😀

 Do you have lots of rubbish items in your bag?

 Julie x (2)
A Cornish Mum

Ten Things I have liked/loved January

It’s Ten Things time again with the gorgeous Stevie at A Cornish Mum!How fast did that month go?Christmas seems so long ago already.

So here are the things I have liked/loved January:

1.Priscilla Queen of the Desert.We went to see this as part of our work do for Christmas.I absolutely loved it.The totally outrageous costumes,the amazing singing and Jason Donovan in his pants.What more could you ask for?!


2.As part of my goals for 2016 I was hoping to lose some weight.So far I’ve lost 4lb,drop in the ocean I know but it’s a start.Hopefully it’ll come off steadily and the kids will no longer be able to use my bum as a bouncy castle!

3.Staying a night at the Premier Inn.We had a work conference in Telford which is a couple of hours drive from us in Wales so we decided to drive up the night before and stay in a local Premier Inn.It was really nice to stay somewhere where no cooking/cleaning/school running was required!It was only 1 night but I really enjoyedit.I’m so sad I know!


4.Going to see the pantomime Aladdin in The New Theatre Cardiff.It was brilliant fun (as it always is) and I…I mean the kids…really enjoyed it!We still have hours of fun with the flashy toys that cost me an arm and a leg.*Grits teeth*

5.Getting up to frosty mornings – anything is better than the flaming rain (which is back now-sob).We had a few cold and crispy mornings which made really pretty photos.

6.Strawberry Jam porridge by Quaker Oats.I love the stuff!I was one of the weird kids at school who loved rice pudding/semolina with a spoon of jam on top and this totally reminds me of those days.

7.My Mum going on holiday and buying me Touche Eclat in duty free!I love this stuff,makes me look (almost) human!It’s a mini miracle.


8.Stressing out less about my blog.I went through a “what the hell is the point” stage where I was feeling rather disillusioned with it all.But I’m determined to just do it for me and if no-one ever reads it,does it even matter?!

9.Having an X-Ray on my hips and it coming back as normal.I was worried I may have arthritis as there’s a lot of it in my immediate family.Although having said that it’s still quite worrying what it is as it really blooming hurts and it would be nice to find out what causes it.

10.Getting more “me time” hubby and I have decided that we need to have a bit more time to ourselves and we work it so one of us takes the kids out and the other gets to do…well bugger all if we want :-D.We all need a break sometimes.

So let’s see what February brings!

A Cornish Mum



Things I have liked/loved December

So Christmas is more or less over 😦 but it has been a lovely month – I love Christmas!I’m linking with the gorgeous Stevie at A Cornish Mum for Ten Things.

1.Getting our favourite book out – not that it has to be read at Christmas but it seems much more fun to think of Father Christmas doing the wee-wee dance when it’s actually Christmas!


2.I actually got to go out,like out with adults…well that term can be used loosely…for my work Xmas do.We went to a Hilton hotel near us for a Festive Disco night.I think I’m getting old though as I enjoyed watching other people making tits of themselves more than being one of them!My daughter helped me get ready and by get ready I mean stick fingers in all my make-up and smear it everywhere.

IMG_9068 (1)

3.Kids Christmas parties.Great fun.There’s always one kid off their face on Fruit Shoot and charging around around like a rhino.Not one of mine this year thank god.They were too busy Gangnam Styling.Father Christmas was busy rolling his eyes at 6 year olds asking for Iphones.


4.Lazy Christmas movie days – an excuse to sit on your arse and eat crap whilst the kids are chilled out.Win,win.


5.Nativity’s for some unknown reason make me sob every time!Can’t share any pics as there are lots of other kids in them but I love going to see my children in them even if I do need to take a box of Kleenex with me!

6.Using the Christmas tree as a background for photos!Makes a change from clearing a load of crap out of the way so you don’t get the ironing basket in all it’s glory!


7.Christmas dinner.Eating til it pours out of your ears.I blooming love it!All the trimmings and tonnes of sprouts!

8.Getting together with family,even the one’s that get on your nerves.It’s only once a year and it’s not Christmas til one of your kids has ruined your Mum’s best tablecloth spilling their orange juice.Or you’ve been caught rolling your eyes at someone’s knobhead boyfriend.

9.Presents,of course.It lovely to give and receive.How lovely is seeing the kids faces Christmas morning?!

10.Chocolate.Lots and lots of lovely chocolate.Doesn’t count if it’s Christmas it’s calorie free see.Oh wait…why won’t my jeans fit?!

A Cornish Mum


Ten things I like about A Cornish Mum!

Well Stevie this IS your link after all so I’m going to make it all about you!So this is the 10 things I like about A Cornish Mum!

1.As a newbie and somewhat pathetic blogger (not much better now mind you) she took me under her wing she didn’t have to,she just did.Cos she’s blooming lovely.

2.She’s totally got my back with sharing my stuff.Without her I’d still be sharing my stuff with well…probably just my Mum actually!I don’t even have to threaten her with spiders or anything!

3.She get’s my sense of humour.I’m sure some people come to my blog and think WTF?Blah,blah bounce rates but not Stevie!

4.She has awesome fun with her kids,well apart from that time she made them sick…but it’s all for a good cause…honest!

5.She does awesome work spreading awareness of Type 1 Diabetes and if you watched the video above you’ll see that Fin and Harley have been doing some amazing things to raise money for a Type 1 Diabetes cure with JDRF.

6.She’s never got tired of me asking daft questions,well not that I know of could have been gnashing her teeth at home for all I know but I’m sure she wasn’t 😉

7.She got me hooked on Carex Strawberry Laces hand gel,I now have the cleanest hands in Wales!

8.She wrote this post for Lentil’s Legacy which made me absolutely sob my heart out but it’s a very important one which helped towards raising money for the Jasmine and Central Delivery Suite where parents of children who pass away during or soon after delivery can grieve and spend time with their precious bundle.On looking at the Just Giving page they have now raised £11,231.30,how fantastic!

9.She’s 5″2 just like me I’m so I don’t feel so bad about being a short-arse and I’m not the only one whose jeans always drag on the floor!

10.She’s turning to Si right now and saying “bloody hell love I’ve got a right weirdo stalker here” 😉

So that’s my ten things done for yet another month!I can’t believe September’s nearly done with already!Here’s to the fun of Halloween!!

A Cornish Mum

Ten Things I have liked/loved August

Yet another month nearly over and I’m joining up with the fabulous Stevie at A Cornish Mum for her great ten things linky. Here are the ten things I have liked/loved for August.

1.Spending more time with the kids.Snuggling up in the morning and watching TV together instead of doing the usual headless chicken lunacy of the school run.Really not looking forward to that nonsense starting all over again.

2.Taking the kids on a day out to Cardiff Bay where we had a game of bowling which I haven’t done in many years.Forgotten how much fun it was though!

IMG_7680 IMG_7665

3.Buying new things for school (not the flipping cost of them mind you) I always loved having new stuff for September and it’s fun to get them all new.Although not so much fun squashing into the one and only shop in town that sells the school jumpers with the logos.I know how a sardine feels now in those tins – just I don’t smell as bad…I hope!

4.Chatting to some really lovely bloggers including A Cornish Mum, Mommys Little Princesses, Mummy In Training, TheLoveofACaptain, Awesome Austerity, RunJumpScrap and TheJoyOfFive bask in the warm glow ladies  for you are truly awesome!

5.Finally deciding to sort out my sweet tooth and lose a bit of weight. I’m still carrying the extra weight after having my daughter 3 years ago.No excuse for it just like eating chocolate by the bucketload far more than I should!

6.My teenager actually being seen in public with me for the first time in forever (bet you’re singing that song from Frozen now) and actually smiling.Good grief I nearly fainted.


7.Finding out I’d been mystery shopped at work (the horror) and actually being scored 100%.Horrible to see yourself on video though,all I could see was my backside wobbling back and fore.

8.Daddy teaching our youngest son to ride a bike without stabilisers, proud parent moment!


9.Going for a child free meal with the other half, despite feeling guilty for going without the kids I enjoyed being able to eat my food without anyone else eyeing it up and asking what it tastes like!Jon managed to polish off a mixed grill and still be hungry afterwards.Never known anyone eat as much as him.

10.Smyths Toys opening a new store near us so we don’t have to travel half a day to get to one.The opening day was absolutely crackers (them bloody sardines again) but seeing my daughters face when Elmo walked towards her was priceless.Xmas shopping will be a lot easier now too.Don’t get me started on that – it’s gonna come round far quicker than I’d like!!

A Cornish Mum