Wicked Wednesdays – 12th October

Haven’t joined in with Wicked Wednesdays from the lovely Em at BrummyMummyof2 in a while but it’s always been one of my faves.

“Oh how lovely there’s eldest’s old Thomas the Tank, let’s put some batteries in it, little lady will love it.”





Wicked Wednesdays – 18th November

Here we are already it’s Wednesday again and I’m linking up with the lovely Em at BrummyMummyof2 for Wicked Wednesdays!This week I have a pic of each of my littles.

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They definitely get it from their father.Absolutely nowt to do with me!!



Wicked Wednesdays – 4th November

It’s time for Wicked Wednesdays again with the lovely Em at BrummyMummmyof2!My photo this week is a bit naughty and was on the back of a seat on the bus a few years ago.I nearly died laughing but then I am a bit childish!!Had to tell the kids there was a silly man outside as they wanted to know why I was laughing!!

bus graffiti