Word of the Week – Daft

Joining up with the fab Jocelyn at The Reading Residence again for Word of the Week!

My word this week is Daft!My kids however much they can be cute and/or naughty are also very daft and are an endless source of amusement!

Here are some pics to show you why!

They eat paint instead of keeping it on the paper!

They don’t notice they’re wearing chocolate lipstick!

They are most comfy in a laundry tub!

They make this face when it’s time for bed!

Of course I let him have 5 more minutes after that face!I must be a bit daft too!!

The Reading Residence

Word of the Week – Occupied

Well there’s many words I could use this week to link up with the lovely Jocelyn from The Reading Residence but I don’t think anyone wants to read about tired,narky or stressed so this week I’m doing Occupied, which, as it’s now the summer holidays is what I’ve been trying to keep the kids!

We’ve made more cakes than Greggs could shift in a week!


They had great fun.Not so much fun clearing up though.Sharp exit from them when the dustpan and brush came out I can tell you!

I took them to my Mum’s and we pretended we were Indiana Jones!


We (thankfully) didn’t find any snakes or spiders though!Just chickens 🙂

We took them to the supermarket and of course they just have on play on the rides!


Cost a blooming fortune these things!Maybe I should invest in one in my front garden…

Yesterday I resorted to holding my own exercise class in an attempt to stop them fighting!


Phew,that was hard work!Forgotten how unfit I was!

What have you been up to?

The Reading Residence

Word of the Week – Outdoors

Joining up with the fab Jocelyn at The Reading Residence for Word of the Week!

My word this week is outdoors,since we’ve had some really fantastic weather we’ve really enjoyed being outdoors – even though we’ve had a few,ahem,mishaps with the water tray.Not content with standing in it a few weeks ago:


She’s now moved on to chucking things in it!

First there was coriander:

And then there was mud!


It’s lovely to see the kids have fun in the sun though:

It’s thirsty work!

Warriors!Come out to play!!

He’s not a hooligan…honest!Just random crap found on the floor and the graffiti added a nice touch 😆

It’s all fun and games til somebody gets too hot!!

Have you been enjoying the sun?

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Word of the week – Chalk

Joining up with the fabulous Jocelyn at The Reading Residence for Word of the Week

My kids love playing with chalk but always seem to make a right mess in the house so I tend to get them to play with it in the garden and draw on the patio where the typical Welsh rain gets rid of it eventually :-).

I found a lovely big pack of Crayola “Sidewalk Chalk” in WH Smith for £4.99 and brought it home for the kids to go mad!There’s loads of different colours and they’re pretty sturdy as the cheap one’s I’ve bought in the past tend to break quite easily.IMG_7075

So here we have:







Keeps them amused for hours!It’s great fun 🙂 Shame I’m a rubbish artist though,the kid’s laugh at my efforts 😦

The Reading Residence

Word of the week – Lime

So joining up for Word of the Week with the lovely Jocelyn at The Reading Residence.As my son has suddenly developed an obsession with all things green and has been nagging to try a lime for weeks (I tried to tell him they wouldn’t be the same as limeade) when I spotted a bagful for 15p at Morrisons I picked them up.I think the photos speak for themselves… 


The Reading Residence

Word of the week – Naughty!

My first time with the Word of the Week Linky with The Reading Residence.My work for this week is NAUGHTY!

So far this week my darling 2 year old daughter has:

  • Growled at the lollipop man for saying good morning
  • Drawn on freshly painted walls with black pen
  • Rubbed foundation in the carpet/wall/mirror
  • Filled the sink with toilet paper and put the tap on
  • Got green goo stuck in her hair which resulted in me having to cut it out
  • Tried to knock her brother out with a wii remote
  • Shouted at a neighbours cat for NOT following her on the school run
  • Had a tantrum at the school which resulted in Daddy carrying her off the premises in a fireman’s lift
  • Completely covered her hands in toothpaste (glad I caught her before any damage was done)IMG_6805

They are just the one’s I can remember!She’s a handful but I love her ❤

The Reading Residence