Anyone Seen My Confidence?

I love my children and I love being a Mum. Like most parents I often doubt how good I am at it though. My confidence seems to have buggered off on holiday and is currently getting smashed in a bar in Ibiza, dancing to the Macarena & fending off pissed up admirers who’ve had a little too much Dutch courage.  Do I do enough? Am I bringing them up the right way? Am I ballsing it up? Do they eat enough fruit, get enough sleep?It’s easy to doubt yourself though, probably far easier than it is to convince yourself that actually you’re doing your best and that your best IS good enough. When I had children I think my confidence took a knock as also spoken about by the lovely Lianne at Anklebiters Adventures, whilst I’ve never been much of a gobby cow I’m sure I was never quite as reserved as a kid/teen and would speak up if I needed to.

Sometimes you find yourself watching ‘that parent’ the one who just seems to constantly have their shit together and wish you could be just like them. They just have that air of togetherness about them and you just can’t imagine them flapping about forgetting to rub their concealer in or leaving shaving foam all over their chin. Have they though? Are they showing a calm and collected exterior when in reality they’ve spent the morning scraping shit off the bathroom floor or wondering how the feck they’re meant to remove the Sharpie drawn poo emoji from the hallway wall.

There’s a work colleague that I’ve known for a good few years that I’d love to be more like. Absolute opposite of me, he oozes confidence and lives his life not giving two f**ks what anyone thinks of him, not in a ‘he’s a bit of an arrogant twat’ kind of way, just the take no shit kind of way. For the purpose of this post we’ll call him Dave, I would like to be like him.

But I’m not.

I’m actually an anxious and quite shy person. People who know me well would probably read this and think “huh?” forgetting that when they first met me I would have been the one sat in the corner, not saying a word. I hate being the centre of attention, having all eyes on me – one of the reasons I’d never want a big wedding. I hate being picked for role play scenarios during training at work, when my name is called I want to get up and run. Of course I can’t and don’t, mainly because my arse would wobble about way too much and draw even more attention to me but enough about that.

Some time ago I read a post by Amy Treasure about faking confidence and have kept it in mind ever since. In the post she talks about thinking of someone that you think of as really confident and do what you think they would. So I think of Dave and what he would do. I use it to stop myself from legging it away from something that makes me nervous.

I have started to force myself to be more confident even though I don’t really feel it. I find it quite easy to jump in and make myself heard when it’s anything to do with my children however if someone is upsetting me personally I tend to bite my tongue and fume inside. With age I’m finding I’m quicker to say my peace but I still go over things in my mind and wish I’d said this or that. I hope that in the years to come I’ll begin to feel more at ease with myself and find my long lost confidence.

Do you feel more or less confident after having children? Do you think you’re exactly the same as before or do you have ways of faking it til you make it too?

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Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide

If you’ve finished your Christmas shopping – well done you, I’m impressed! If you’re a bit more like me though you’ll be rushing around to get some last minute bits. Here I list some suggestions for you!


Art of Football Coutinho T-Shirt £14.99

Art of Football create hand crafted designs try to emulate the energy, passion and euphoria that erupts from that one magical kick of a football. They only produce a limited number of each design, so your t-shirts & prints, like any good piece of art, are exclusive and completely original.

For the little (or big) football fan in your life these t-shirts are perfect. These are not your average football tops, these are something special. These are pieces of art. That artwork captures the excitement of the game, I’ve seen all the men in my family laugh, cry and maybe even a few expletives slipping out while watching and it’s hard not to get caught up in the moment with them too. Champions League 2005 is a stand out for me, watching from behind a cushion with my teen. Choose your team – in our case Liverpool- and then your  item, available are great quality t-shirts, sweats, prints/canvases and also other sports such as rugby and boxing. So if you’re looking for something a little bit special I’d definitely recommend having a look at these guys.

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The Old Man Is Snoring

 If, like me,you spend most nights trying not to bludgeon your hubby (or wife, dog or anyone else for that matter) to death with your favourite shoes (tip – use the daps they’re stingy and deliver a satisfying slap) then I totally feel your pain!

I’m talking the kind of snoring that could wake the dead, that you can imagine the Little Green Men hearing from Mars, wondering what on earth that bloody noise is and whether they’re being threatened or asked down for a pint. At some point you lose patience and think “sod this for a laugh” and bugger off downstairs to the settee. Only if you’re anything like me then a few too many episodes of Stranger Things means you don’t really fancy being stuck downstairs on your own in the dark. How is it possible for it to be so bloody loud?! I’ve often wondered if the neighbours can hear it but then I doubt it as they tend to watch Westerns on TV rather loudly in bed. Which in all honesty can be preferable to Snorting Sid to the left of me.

My kids are now of the age that aside from staying out too late (the teen) and keeping me up worrying and perhaps waking due to illness on occasion (littler ones) that I should actually be getting a decent nights kip. Fat chance of that.

I seem to end up in the kids room most nights, with my daughter the human optopus where it’s not unusual to wake up with a foot or arse to the face.  Little Man snores too, mind you it’s like a form of torture. Hubby gets to starfish in the bed by himself and then has the cheek to say “that was an awful night’s sleep” while scratching his arse and seeking out the cup of tea which I will undoubtedly have made him. I, on the other hand, am spooning, no – make that ladling – coffee into a cup and inhaling it.

We have tried everything going to stop it but none of the magic lotions and potions have helped one iota and those nose strips do look a bit stupid – let’s be fair. To be honest I’m quite surprised he has any ribs left with the amount of elbowing they’ve taken over the years and no, that doesn’t work either, well apart from the 3 seconds he stays awake to shout at me for digging him again. Getting him to turn over just makes him snort a bit and start again.

Sales of energy drinks and coffee must be through the roof because of me to be truthful! Maybe I should try and invent one of my own and call it Snoring Stamina, that’s one for Dragon’s Den right there! So, since we’re not rich enough to own a 10 bedroom mansion where I can have my own private haven and I don’t really fancy a long stretch in the nick I’ll just have to put up with it unless anyone can suggest a magic cure that doesn’t involve smothering with a pillow?!

How do you deal with snoring? Any suggestions welcome!

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BABY born Interactive Bathtub Review

We love our BABY born and Baby Annabell dolls and so when we were offered the chance to review the BABY born Interactive Bathtub we thought it sounded like great fun.



The pretty pink plastic bathtub comes complete with a dinky shower head, push buttons for foam and shower spray and even a rubber ducky! Switch to the on position on the bottom of the bath to begin!


For foam pop 5-10 ml of bubble bath in 40 ml of water and then pour the mixture into the hole next to the push button then pump the button several times.


Fill the bath with 30mm of water – there’s a handy guideline inside the bath – and push this button for the shower spray from the shiny silver showerhead to give Baby a rinse.


This button on the side of the bath activates the lights and sounds. It plays the recognisable ‘BABY born’ jingle as heard on the adverts and there are flashing LED lights inside the bath

Pop your chosen doll in the bath for bubbly splashy fun. It’s designed for and we used  BABY born but in these particular photos we have Baby Annabell purely because Little Lady wanted to use her in her swimming costume.


  • Little Lady had good fun with the bath as you can see and it’s easy to just pour the water out and give it a wipe round ready for the next play.

    Zapf Creation BABY Born Interactive Bathtub with Foam* is around £39.99
  • For ages 3 and over
  • Requires 3 X AAA batteries (included)
  • Dolls sold seperately

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*Affiliate link

We were gifted the item for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own

Top Trolls Christmas Gifts

For the 3 years I’ve been blogging I’ve done many reviews and got to try out some amazing things but this review by far is my favourite of all time. When I was asked if I would like a bundle of Trolls goodies I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them because I knew a certain Little Lady would be absolutely delighted. And I wasn’t wrong!

Trolls Holiday DVD RRP £7.99*


The all important Trolls Holiday DVD. If you haven’t seen this yet, you should! It’s had us in stitches. We’ve watched it at least 20 times and it still makes me giggle particularly Tear Away Pants Day. Hilarious. Poor old King Gristle doesn’t have the best of days but you’ll have to watch to find out why. You’ll love it!

POD’ular Troll Tree RRP £44.99*


A place where Trolls can hide, slide and zipline for hair raising fun. Really simple and quick to put together – always a plus where excited waiting kids are concerned – and away you go. It comes with a Poppy Troll, 4 moveable hanging pods, 3 mushrooms, bug clip, zipline and tiara. The Poppy figure is 3 inches high and has a hole in the bottom of one her feet so she can be attached to the tree, other figures are available and without realising it we already had one of the other figures (Guy Diamond, my favourite).

Hair in the Air Poppy RRP £28.99*


This great Poppy Doll is great fun with her extra long bendable hair and even  has lights and sounds. She takes 2 X AA batteries which believe it or not are included! When boxed she is in demo mode, just push across the switch on her back to switch her on, push the flower button on her chest and away you go! Poppy’s hair is 35 cm long and when twisted or bent into different positions will activate lights and sounds. She comes with a little comb and tiara for hair styling.

Trolls: Poppy and the Mane Mania Book* and Trolls Holiday Official Novelization* both RRP £5.99


My daughter is 5 so a bit too young to read these by herself, however it’s been lovely to read them to her and listen to her giggle. The Trolls Holiday Novelization is the story as it is in the Trolls Holiday Special. Poppy and the Mane Mania is a fun story about Poppy and friends getting some great hairdo’s and features a pop out troll! These would make perfect stocking fillers for any Trolls fan.

Trolls Christmas Sweatshirt RRP £10


Trolls Leggings RRP £5


Trolls Poppy T-Shirt RRP £6


Not only can you play with Trolls you can wear them! George at Asda have some really fab Trolls items and we got a brilliant Christmas sweatshirt which I was delighted with as Little Lady needed a new one, I couldn’t have picked a better one myself. It features the Trolls around a Christmas tree with woolen bobbles as baubles and a light string print on the arms.

The leggings feature a Troll print including the totally bonkers Cloud Guy, cupcakes and roller skates.

The Poppy t-shirt features Poppy with a heart background and “I’m out of con-troll” written in shiny sequins. I like the fact that they’re darker colours as Little Lady finds it absolutely impossible to keep anything clean!

Trolls Blind Bag RRP £3.99*


Kids love blind bags don’t they? The excitement of finding a rare one or one they don’t yet have. We got DJ Suki in ours complete with her crinkly hair!

Kinnerton Trolls Milk Chocolate Bars


Featuring a different Troll on each bar, these are cute, tasty and nut free and come with an activity card insert, ours came with a Poppy/ Guy Diamond puzzle to cut out.

Here’s a little video of Little Lady opening her Trolls package:

These have made an amazing addition to the Trolls themed presents Santa is already bringing (sshhhh don’t tell, it’s a secret) and I think any Trolls fan would be delighted to receive any of these on Christmas morning!

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*Contains affiliate links

We were gifted the items for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and our own.