The Red Shoes

It’s freezing in here! Juliette thought, although she wasn’t sure whether the shaking was from absolute terror or the fact she had nothing on but her birthday suit and was hiding in a corner of the living room, next to the chimney breast hoping the cobwebs were long abandoned. Oh god please don’t let her catch … More The Red Shoes

Halloween With Feisty Pets Cranky Cathy

*Disclosure. Contains gifted items. Halloween is nothing without witches and what’s a witch without her trusty black cat? Feisty Pets from Jazwares has the perfect companion – Cranky Cathy. There are many different charcters to choose from alongside Cranky Cathy, such as Ali Cornball, Vivki Vicious and Sammy Suckerpunch, each a different animal but all … More Halloween With Feisty Pets Cranky Cathy

Review | National History Museum Dino Projector Watch

*Disclosure. Contains gifted items Today we have a ROARsome review of the National History Museum Dino Projector Watch. Since she was about 4 my daughter has been fascinated by dinosaurs and fossils and loves anything related so this watch was perfect for her to try out. It’s a 2 in 1 projector watch that you … More Review | National History Museum Dino Projector Watch

The Ghost

There were once four teenaged girls – Juliet, Clara, Susan and Simone – girls who had been more excited than they’d ever been in their lives at going on a residential school trip. No Mums and Dads, no annoying siblings, just them (and the 2 teachers and a bunch of other kids but let’s not … More The Ghost