Busy Things Online Educational Games & Activities

Busy Things is a great award winning online educational games and activities site that supports children’s learning from Early Years to Primary School aged children – making it suitable for children from ages 3-11. There are options for schools, nurseries and families. As my younger children are 5 & 8 they are the perfect ages to try out the Busy Things family subscription. The first thing you need to do is sign up and watch the 3 minute introduction video.

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Maths Rockx App Review

Maths Rockx is an educational app designed to help kids with their times tables via song. The idea being that by making it fun and catchy they’re more likely to remember them. Made by a primary school teacher who’d been teaching for 15 years who found that kids didn’t really know their times tables anymore and would teach them to her pupils along with beats and rock songs.  I remember sitting in a classroom trying to learn them in that droney voice and struggling with the higher numbers so if your child is finding it hard to remember them it’s great to try new ways of learning.


My 7 year old tried it out with me. He really enjoys learning new things. The app itself is brightly coloured and looks inviting for children. The app covers timetables from 2 to 12 and has a different song for each number. You choose which way around you say your times tables we do 1x, 2x, etc rather than the other way round. They can either sing along with the vocalist for each song or just have the backing music once they feel more confident. The songs are easily recognisable from the likes of Pharell, Lady Gaga and Pink.

There is also a quiz to test them on the times tables once they feel they have got to grips with it or if you want to see which numbers they are particularly finding it hard to remember. You can set it to beginner or harder, which gives them less time to answer.


We thought the app was really great fun and a joy to use with your children rather than just telling them things you can really get involved, sing along together and enjoy helping your little one to learn. It’s great for kids just starting to learn them or to help reinforce them in the memory of a child who’s already learning them.

The app is available from the App Store or Google Play at £9.99 for the full version with all tables. Also available in a free version with the times tables seperately for 99p each.


*We were given the app free for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and our own*

Chatterbox Planet Magnets Review

Chatterbox Planet is the brainchild of Geraldene who created her magnets as a way of helping children express themselves through creating stories. We got the chance to try out the Starter Pack Combo  and see what we thought.

The magnets come in lovely bright packaging with the Chatterbox Planet logo stickers. There were a sheet of magnets, a little wipe clean magnetic board– perfect for little hands- and pen included.

The Starter Pack magnets as you can see were animals, people, toys, modes of travel and nature. They have bright colours and cute little pictures to make story telling fun for little ones. The magnetic board is light and easy to carry so would be great for taking with you on a day out in the car or even if you just want to keep them amused when you have an appointment to go to.

My kids tried them out and made up some really daft stories of course the word ‘poo’ came up – what is it with kids and that word?! So I had to steer the story back on the right track with the cake magnet because cake solves everything, right?!

There are lots of other ways to play with the magnets too which are explained in the leaflet that comes with them. Such as stacking the magnets face down and choosing one form the top and each person then continues the story, quite funny trying to make up a story on the hop! You can also sort the magnets into types i.e people, animals etc.

This is a really fun activity for children and really gets them thinking as they try to make up a story to go along with the chosen magnets. I like the fact that this can be used again and again and the board can also be used to help practice writing/spelling etc which is something we have been working on with our younger children – the teen can write his own name even though he moans about the effort in picking up a pen 😉

You can find Chatterbox Magnets on


*We were sent the Starter Pack free for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own*

The Wonder Garden Book Review

We have been reading The Wonder Garden from Wide Eyed Editions.Firstly this book is absolutely beautiful to look at.It’s a large hardback book that’s alive with colour and really makes you want to read it.

IMG_8297 IMG_8298

The National Book Awards shortlisted Jenny Broom brings her talent to this title, which explores the world’s stunning natural habitats. Be it an adventure round the Amazon rainforest or a journey through the Great Barrier Reef, The Wonder Garden will amaze you and the kids.

There’s a whole world of information in this book with detailed descriptions of animals,where they live and well as lots of other information about what they eat and even what little tricks some of them use!The illustration in this book is amazing.It really draws you in.My children loved it for different reasons:

My daughter (3) really enjoyed looking at the pictures and trying to guess what each of the animals were.

My son (6) wanted to get more involved and read the descriptions that went with the animals and find out more about them.


As an adult I also found this book to be very interesting too.I might have skipped the page with the tarantula’s though…eek!!

I think this book would also be great to help with my son’s homework as they are covering a lot of animals and nature at the moment so this will be very useful for that.

As a family we loved this book and it’s taken pride of place on the bookshelf!