What’s In Your Party Bag?

We’ve all had a party bag that’s contained a whistle or a horrific noisy toy of some description. In fact the last party we attended the Mum pointed it out giggling. If money were no object what would you put in your party bag? Here, I’ve listed a few of the things I’d put in my ultimate party bag.1.1.  Fruit Salad Sour Softies – what’s a party bag without sweets? A new twist on some old favourites, I loved a cheeky bag of Fruit Salads as a kid and these soft versions are just as great! The same Fruit Salad flavour of old but with a sour note. Not eye wateringly sour but just enough to kick that extra exciting kick! Fruit Salad Sour Softies are available from Tesco, Asda and many other convenience/independent retailers in 120g & 160g sized bags priced from £1. Also in the range are Fruit Salad Softies and Refreshers Softies if you fancy going all out on the retro flavours.

2. BIC pens/pencils – my kids love to get colouring items in a party bag and when I think of quality items BIC is the one that comes to mind. Lots of choice, felt pens, pencils, crayons. So dependent on the age of the children attending there’s something for everyone. I particularly like the BIC Kids Learner Mechanical pencil   and the Conte range of pens and pencils. Perhaps pop in a mini colouring or dot to dot book to go with it and away they go.

3. Moshi Monsters Egg Hunt Trading Cards – Kids love a trading card or 20 don’t they?Now there are some new ones in town. Currently on Series 1, there are 350 monsterific cards to collect, featuring ULTRA RARE cards. These cards are great fun to collect and swap and even has it’s own app to download from the App Store or Google Play. Each card has a code to scan into the game. You can hatch your own egg and then customise and name your Moshling! You can play games and solve puzzles to earn Rox, which can be used to buy monsterific food and room items.

4. Little Brian Paint Sticks – These nifty no-mess paint sticks from Little Brian are brilliant for when the kids want to get arty but you don’t fancy the carnage that comes with it. In glue stick sized solid paint they are easy to paint with can be used on different surfaces such as windows! They dry super quick so no getting the paint everywhere or having to hang the pictures up. Little Brian paint sticks are available from Asda and Amazon and come in packs of 6 (RRP £4.99) or 12 (RRP £7.99)

5. Itty Bitty’s – These sweet little guys in the Hallmark Itty Bitty range are just the cutest! Small enough to fit in little hands (and party bags) and soft enough to cuddle up in bed as they’re made from a lovely plush material. They come in many different gorgeous collections such as Star Wars, Marvel, Peanuts and Snoopy, Wizard Of Oz, DC Comics, and Scooby-Doo.  Great value at £6 each.



*Some of the featured items were gifted for the purpose of this post however all opinions remain honest and my own*

There’s A What In The Kids Room?

There I was wandering around the kids bedroom muttering to myself about the bloody mess that no one else ever clears up when suddenly a smell hits me. Straight up the nostrils.

‘Oh god, there’s something dead in here’ I think eyes darting round the room. Memories of my brother and I finding woodlice and keeping them in a plastic cooker with lumps of mouldy fruit start barging their way into my mind. Of course the poor sods died, no doubt as a direct result of the noxious gases emanating from my brother’s backside. No, I don’t have the foggiest idea why it just seemed like a good thing to do at the time. Then there was the time my Mum looked under my brother’s bed and found an old ham sandwich moving around. It was full of maggots. Good grief that woman can shout. If those ‘thick ears’ she always threatened had come to fruition, my brother would have been sporting one hell of a whopper worthy of any Welsh rugby player.

I found myself sniffing around like some kind of frizzy haired bloodhound. Where is it? Sniff. What is it? Sniff. I feel nauseous. Sniff. The bin. It’s coming from the bin. Phew I’ve found the source. Now to work out why it smells like death. Hang on, I’m sure I’ve smelt it somewhere before. It reminds me of the stink of the mens toilets in the Ritzy nightclub 1996. No you mucky sods I wasn’t in there doing that … I was working as a barmaid and drew the short, very dirty straw.

The bin contains the usual, apple cores old bits of cut up paper and pee. Hang on a bloody minute here. PEE? Why is there pee in the bloody bin for the love of god?! Since I’ve caught her pooing in a Lego storage head before I’ve got a good idea who the prime suspect is. Although she didn’t do it. Honest Mummy. It must have been somebody else. Great, so I have a random person who breaks into my house, pees in the bin and buggers off again. Dirty get.

I expect to find some surprises in the teens room like the plate he swears isn’t in there but I found 3 months on with another species growing from it. Or the time I asked him to tidy up and rather than bring his cups down and wash them he put them in the bin bag which stayed in the middle of his room for a week. Only when I got fed up and picked it up to put it in the bin did I hear the clatter and work out what the lazy sod was up to. But pee-in-the-bin-gate was something else.

I asked my fellow bloggers what unusual/weird/disgusting items they’d found in their kids rooms and this is what they had to say:

Jemma from Mayflower Blogs: Bogies wiped on the walls. I don’t need to say more do I.

Sarah from Boo Roo and Tigger Too: My daughter decided to cover her room in talc once!

Jen from Just Average Jen: My son as a little one smeared poo everywhere numerous times as a sensory thing due to his disabilities, other than that would have to be discovering a bra in there – because he liked the pattern apparently lol!

Tracey from Pack the PJ’s: Fossilised banana skins … yoghurt pots with spoons stuck in them … every kind of wrapper possible …. all behind his bed, pretty much every time I pull the bed out to clean it (and I do it quite often). He’s just disgusting I’m afraid!

Katie from Mummys Diary: A dirty nappy which they had taken off themselves and hidden! Luckily the smell led me to it!

Hannah from Cupcake Mumma: Rock solid cupcake (what a waste..) sticky hairy teaspoons, Barbie legs but no Barbies..anywhere

Beth from Twinderelmo: My son has a cactus that he’s named Steve. He lives on the bookshelf… rather random I have to say!

Carly from Mummy and the chunks: Wet pants that have been hidden down my sons bed or dirty sticky medicine syringes from when they are poorly

Jo from My Monkeys Don’t Sit Still: No word of a lie, this morning I found a very solid dried up, rock hard bundle of broken wrap (as in bread) in my 6 yr old sons room! When I asked why it was there, both boys (the eldest is 9) said they didn’t know why it was there but knew it was!

Hayley from Devon Mama: His dried umbilical cord stump. I can’t actually blame my son, apparently his dad hid it after I tried to bin it. It’s disgusting, and now hidden in a box until I can convince him to give it up

Donna from Bobsys Mum: We’re moving house. The things I’ve found!! I though boggy wall was bad, then I moved the bed! Boggys everywhere!! Also had a bottle of what was once milk and 2 apple cores so far as well as a lot of something sticky. Absolutely no idea what it used to be!!

Emma-Louise from Even Angels Fall: Liquid apples in a bin I had forgotten my son had in his room – absolutely disgusting, especially when the bin dropped and I got the juice all over my foot!

Nicole from The Mum Reviews: I thought I found a small poo in the corner of my toddler’s room yesterday. Upon further inspection, and to my great relief, it turned out to be a piece of modelling clay that had been painstakingly fashioned into a poo-shape.

Zoe from Mummy & Liss: A bottle of milk that had been left down the side of the cot. Yuck. Straight in the bin..

Sarah from Whimsical Mumblings: It wasn’t me, but my mum found a random box in my little sisters room. My sister said it was a present for her….my sister had pooed in a box.

Leyla from This Day I Love: My sister once put raw meat inside a Keeper [if you can remember those] because she thought it was hungry. Our bedroom stank.

Natalie from Plutonium Sox: A whole pack of cotton buds, a plastic Thomas the tank engine, a felt tip and a gro clock – all inside her duvet cover.

And my personal random favourite:

Clare from Emmys Mummy: All the teaspoons and tablespoons from the cutlery drawer. He liked to bang them together and make noise so hid them all so he could do it whenever he wanted!

Have you ever found anything random, disgusting or weird in your kids room?julie-x-2

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

Me&i Clothing Review

me&i is a Swedish clothing company that caters for men, women and children. Their clothing is cute, bright and functional. We were asked to try out some clothing with the 2 younger children.

The choices

We made our choices (very difficult I must say, the clothes are gorgeous!) and awaited our package which came in a bag emblazoned with the me&i logo scattered amongst little hedgehogs.


Inside the package the two tops we chose were wrapped in individual bags again with the logo across the front.


So the tops we chose were:

For him: Landscape T-Shirt  £20 (currently £16 in the sale) in size 122/128

For her: Dino Tunic £21 (currently £17 in the sale) in size 110/116

Me-&-i-Landscape-t-shirt-Dino Tunic

One of the main things I love about this clothing range is that the t-shirts/trousers/hoodies are modeled on both boys and girls, there is only a ‘kids’ headed section, it is not split by gender. My daughter is one of those kids who just cannot for the life of her stay clean, so I’m more inclined to buy darker colours usually more associated with boys (grrrr).

The Landscape T-shirt is covered in brightly coloured cars/trees/clouds etc and is made from 95% cotton, 5% elastane which gives it a stretchy feel, perfect for kids on the move.


The Dino Tunic comes in a bright cerise colour with a lovely green dinosaur on the front in Terry material, 80% organic cotton, 20% polyester. The Terry material I think would make it a fantastic choice for popping on at the beach too.


As you can see below we took the new clothing for their first outing on a bike ride, they kept the kids cool and comfortable whilst they were enjoying the fun.


The sizing is done in cm rather than age although a rough age guide is given so it’s probably best if you want to be doubly sure to measure their height. I feel the sizes were just right for my children.

A bit more about me&i

me&i was founded in 2004 by Susan Engvall and Helene Nyrell from the kitchen table in their homes in Barsebäck, Southern Sweden. Today the company’s turnover is nearly £20 million and the clothes are available for fashion conscious customers in five countries. Over 850 sales representatives are working to bring the brand and the clothes to you in your home.

Also a big stand-out statement for me is “It goes without saying that using child labour for me&i production is strictly forbidden.” knowing you’re getting good quality products made without putting children at risk is obviously a huge plus – an absolute must in my opinion.

Other items we like the look of

Sporty Sweatshorts
Dinos T-Shirt

In conclusion

In short we loved them! The only problem we had was chosing what to have to start with! They have worn and washed well, always a good sign! The kids were comfy in them and really enjoyed putting them through their paces.


*we were gifted the items for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own*

Dear Diary 1st June 2017

Number of times I’ve been called Mum: 22,550

Number of fights broken up: 3264

Dear Diary… Argument with the Teen today about him listening to music too loud through his headphones. Yeah, he can roll his eyes and tell me to stop nagging but let’s see how funny it is when he can’t hear a damn thing in his thirties. Mind you he doesn’t tend to hear a bloody word I say now anyway unless it’s something to do with either food or money.

Little Lady started a Gymnastics class. For months and months she had been asking to go, after many an email back and fore to the Gymnastic club trying to get a class that worked around my working hours I finally got one. She was so excited until the morning of said class came. Then she decided she didn’t want to go. FML. Much coaxing and pleading changed her mind eventually but she’d only go if she didn’t have to wear socks – I’ve never known a kid who hates wearing socks as much as her – as I was leaving the room I caught her asking Siri if you have to wear socks for Gymnastics. Awwwwww.

Car went in for MOT. Have hated taking the car to the garage ever since that time not long after I passed when I drove into the garage and beeped the horn by mistake and all the lads jumped a mile and tutted at me while I died. Good news was that the car passed. Bad news was that when I dropped the car off I had to walk home about a mile in the pissing down rain, I was soaked right through. Not fun.

We have been attempting to redecorate. It’s not an easy job as it appears that the previous occupants saw fit to apply filler to the walls with what appears to be a knife and fork so it looks like we’ll be saving up the dosh for replastering. Bloody marvellous.

Had an awesome conversation with Little Lady about her becoming a Mum in the very, very distant future.

Little Lady: “I want 2 children, a boy and a girl.”

Me: “Aww, that’s lovely they might be just like you.”

Little Lady: “No”

Me: “Why not?”

Little Lady: “I want them to be good”

Me: ……….

Introduced the kids to the Labyrinth, I’m pleased that they loved it. We even bought it on DVD, in a boxset with The Dark Crystal. Now they’re both those types of films that you either love or the they freak the hell out of you. A few years ago I told a friend (we’ll call him Spidey – he’ll like that) about my love of The Dark Crystal expecting him to like it too. Only I got it totally wrong and he was a bit more “what the hell did you make me watch?” It’s a totally different experience watching it as an adult than a kid though. My brother and I spent years telling each other “I hate your whimper!” that’s the best bit.


We have Little Lady & Little Man’s Birthday Party coming up. This is the first party we’ve had that hasn’t meant inviting the kids friends to the house. Should be interesting, I know the kids will love it. Soft Play. My nemesis. Lord help me.



My Pocket Money Toy Subscription Box – May

You might have seen our post last month for My Pocket Money Toy Subscription Box, well we were also sent one for May. This time we received the gender neutral boxes and the theme was dinosaurs. The kids were really excited to see what they’d got and they weren’t disappointed! They love the fact that the boxes come addressed to them.

Gender Neutral 8-10 box

  • Dinosaur Glider
  • Top Trumps – Volcanoes
  • Dino-Grow Volcano
  • Brainbox Bounce Dinosaurs Game

Gender Neutral 3-5 box

  • Dinosaur Glider
  • Clockwork Walking Dinosaur
  • Dino-Grow Volcano
  • Melissa & Doug Wooden Dinosaur Puzzle


Both boxes also contained a dinosaur themed colouring sheet as well as a sticker to go in your Spectacular Stamp book towards a free toy.


Both children were particularly fascinated by the Dino-Grow Volcanos. You just drop the plastic volcano into a glass of water and watch as it grows over the course of 72+ hours.


Each morning they couldn’t wait to come down and see how it was getting on. After a few days the dinosaurs had grown enough to grow out of their volcanos. This was the end result.

Overall there is nothing we don’t like about these boxes, they are the perfect mix of fun and education. From giggling at the clockwork dinosaur waddling across the table to racing to find the right pieces of the puzzle and finish first!

There are several options available tailored to your childrens ages and whether you want to specify that they’re for a girl or boy or gender neutral. You can choose from one offs which are perfect as a birthday present:

Or opt for a subscription of 3 months/6months/1 year which means more value for money. Always a winner.

You can find My Pocket Money toy:


*We were gifted the items for the purposes of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own*