Worldeez Collectibles Review

We love a collectible here and Worldeez looked right up our street when we were offered some to play with. They are a new type of collectible on the block with blind bags, globes, 5 packs & 10 packs available.

There are 120 different items to collect – 15 from each country, including a boy, a girl plus some items from their little part of the world. They could be a food item/ arts & culture for the country, landscape or nature and architecture.

The countries for Series 1 are:

  • Brazil
  • Egypt
  • France
  • India
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • UK
  • USA

Each country also has a special Limited Edition Worldeez Wow – we were chuffed we got Tallulah Topaz.

Worldeez 5 Pack Set RRP £5.99*

5 packs come with 5 surprise Worldeez and a cute mega building which opens with the surprise key.

Worldeez 10 Pack Set RRP £9.99*

10 packs  come with 10 surprise Worldeez and 2 cute mega buildings which open with the 2 surprise keys.


What’s a collectible without the all important checklist? Just tick off the ones you’ve collected!

Worldeez Globe RRP £2.99*

The bright pink plastic Globes contain a Worldeez Globe,  2 Surprise Worldeez, a Surprise Key, a Collector’s Card and a Collector’s Guide.



Here’s a little video of the Picking Up Toys kids opening some Worldeez globes:

We liked that not only are Worldeez colourful and fun collectibles but they are also good for educating children about countries and their landmarks. Also available but not shown here are Blind bags containing a Special Edition Charm Bracelet and key. Plus Surprise Worldeez, Collectors card and guide! Suitable for children aged 5+ due to small parts. There is the option to sign up for a collectors poster by signing up on the website here  (scroll to bottom).

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  • We were gifted the products for the purposes of this review however all opinions remain honest and our own

Top Trolls Christmas Gifts

For the 3 years I’ve been blogging I’ve done many reviews and got to try out some amazing things but this review by far is my favourite of all time. When I was asked if I would like a bundle of Trolls goodies I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them because I knew a certain Little Lady would be absolutely delighted. And I wasn’t wrong!

Trolls Holiday DVD RRP £7.99*


The all important Trolls Holiday DVD. If you haven’t seen this yet, you should! It’s had us in stitches. We’ve watched it at least 20 times and it still makes me giggle particularly Tear Away Pants Day. Hilarious. Poor old King Gristle doesn’t have the best of days but you’ll have to watch to find out why. You’ll love it!

POD’ular Troll Tree RRP £44.99*


A place where Trolls can hide, slide and zipline for hair raising fun. Really simple and quick to put together – always a plus where excited waiting kids are concerned – and away you go. It comes with a Poppy Troll, 4 moveable hanging pods, 3 mushrooms, bug clip, zipline and tiara. The Poppy figure is 3 inches high and has a hole in the bottom of one her feet so she can be attached to the tree, other figures are available and without realising it we already had one of the other figures (Guy Diamond, my favourite).

Hair in the Air Poppy RRP £28.99*


This great Poppy Doll is great fun with her extra long bendable hair and even  has lights and sounds. She takes 2 X AA batteries which believe it or not are included! When boxed she is in demo mode, just push across the switch on her back to switch her on, push the flower button on her chest and away you go! Poppy’s hair is 35 cm long and when twisted or bent into different positions will activate lights and sounds. She comes with a little comb and tiara for hair styling.

Trolls: Poppy and the Mane Mania Book* and Trolls Holiday Official Novelization* both RRP £5.99


My daughter is 5 so a bit too young to read these by herself, however it’s been lovely to read them to her and listen to her giggle. The Trolls Holiday Novelization is the story as it is in the Trolls Holiday Special. Poppy and the Mane Mania is a fun story about Poppy and friends getting some great hairdo’s and features a pop out troll! These would make perfect stocking fillers for any Trolls fan.

Trolls Christmas Sweatshirt RRP £10


Trolls Leggings RRP £5


Trolls Poppy T-Shirt RRP £6


Not only can you play with Trolls you can wear them! George at Asda have some really fab Trolls items and we got a brilliant Christmas sweatshirt which I was delighted with as Little Lady needed a new one, I couldn’t have picked a better one myself. It features the Trolls around a Christmas tree with woolen bobbles as baubles and a light string print on the arms.

The leggings feature a Troll print including the totally bonkers Cloud Guy, cupcakes and roller skates.

The Poppy t-shirt features Poppy with a heart background and “I’m out of con-troll” written in shiny sequins. I like the fact that they’re darker colours as Little Lady finds it absolutely impossible to keep anything clean!

Trolls Blind Bag RRP £3.99*


Kids love blind bags don’t they? The excitement of finding a rare one or one they don’t yet have. We got DJ Suki in ours complete with her crinkly hair!

Kinnerton Trolls Milk Chocolate Bars


Featuring a different Troll on each bar, these are cute, tasty and nut free and come with an activity card insert, ours came with a Poppy/ Guy Diamond puzzle to cut out.

Here’s a little video of Little Lady opening her Trolls package:

These have made an amazing addition to the Trolls themed presents Santa is already bringing (sshhhh don’t tell, it’s a secret) and I think any Trolls fan would be delighted to receive any of these on Christmas morning!

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We were gifted the items for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and our own.

Drumond Park Barbecue Party Review & Giveaway

We love a game we can play around the table that we can all get involved in so we were really excited to be asked to give Barbecue Party from Drumond Park a try. Stick with us as there’s a chance to win one for yourself at the end of this post!


Something I really love when opening a game is not having a million and 1 pieces to put together and as you can see from the contents below this game didn’t disappoint.


The only thing you need to do before play is to put the eyes on the little pieces of food, the eyes come as a sheet of stickers and underneath each set is the name of the corresponding foodstuff which makes this job an easy one.



Once this is done all that remains is to put the grill on top of the barbecue that will hold the food that you place on it.


To decide which food you need to place/take off the grill you are provided with a set of cards corresponding to the food pieces.


Turn on the barbecue via the switch on the side – something else fab about this game is that it does NOT require batteries, don’t see that very often do you – and turn over a card from the pile to find which piece of food you need to add to the grill with the handy tongs. Once there have been a few turns you’ll find you turn over a card of a piece of food already on the grill in this case you can take that piece of food back off and place it on it’s card in front of you. The first to 3/4 wins. There is also a sneaky joker card which means you are able to add or takeaway any item you want.

But beware! If the barbecue gets full or someone gets a bit heavy handed the grill will pop off and all the food must be replaced in the middle. Who will become the Masterchef?


It’s a game for age 4 and up and for 2-4 players and perfect for my 8 & 5 year olds who, as you can see had great fun playing it. Younger players can just use their hands to pick up the pieces.

RRP £22.99 and can be bought from Amazon, Argos and ASDA among others.

For your chance to win a copy for yourself click the Rafflecopter below:


1. The giveaway is open to residents of the UK only.
2. There is 1 prize available, 1 Barbecue Party Game Only.
3. There is no cash alternative offered.
4. To enter, please use the rafflecopter widget above.
5. The winners will be drawn at random from all qualifying entries.
6. The giveaway will run until Midnight 10/11/17.
7. Once the giveaway is over the winner will be contacted for their details to arrange postage of their prize.



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*We were gifted the game for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own*

Game For A Laugh With Ginger Fox

It’s getting close to Christmas, the kids are constantly bouncing off the ceiling and somehow you want to keep them amused that doesn’t necessarily mean tablets or TV. Board/card games are a firm favourite in this house and never fail to get everyone involved from the littlest to biggest.

We were delighted to join the Ginger Fox Games Club and were sent some Family Games to try out. They sent us Cat Chaos and Which One?

Cat Chaos

These cards are hilariously cat themed and each one is a different take on a celebrity.

Are you feline lucky? Join this A-List cast of feline celebrities for a fast and frantic game of cat chaos, swap, grab and claw your way to victory by collecting cat-suits… just get stuck in and watch the fur fly!

IMG_4792IMG_4794 b      IMG_4902

There are 25 different sets of 4 cards (known as a cat suit) all with a celebri-cat on and differently coloured. The aim of the game is to be the 1st one to turn each of your cards into complete suits. You swap cards back and fore with the pile in the middle, it can get a bit mad with 4 players which only adds to the fun! This game is aimed at 8+ but my 5 year old daughter was ok playing it and we also played pairs and snap with it. We really enjoyed playing this, after we’d sat and laughed at each one first. Whoever came up with them is a genius!

  • RRP: £8.00
  • Age 8+
  • 2 to 8 players

Which One?

Which One? is a question and answer game containing 300 question cards and 1500 different questions on subjects ranging from British Sitcoms to the Phonetic Alphabet.

The question and answer game matching game with a twist! Match the ‘Which One?’ questions to the correct answers to win points but watch out – just one wrong match will lose you everything!


The box contains all you need:

  • Question cards
  • Answer/scoring sheets
  • Pencils
  • Rules

The cards have the 5 possible answers at the top and the aim is then to decide which answer goes with which question. The answers are on the back of each card so make sure nobody is having a sneaky peak!! You get a point for each right answer but if you get one wrong it cancels all the points you got and takes you back to zero. Booo. Then start with another card and the first player to score 21 points is the winner.

I can see this being really good fun around the table after Christmas Dinner or Christmas Eve/Boxing day fun. It has a real mix of questions some you’ll find really easy other that’ll fry your brain!

  • RRP: £18.00
  • Age 14+
  • 1 or more players

Does your family like to play games?

*We were gifted the games for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own*

ginger fox

Awesome Little Green Men Review

Awesome Little Green Men from MGA Entertainment are a new take on little green army men, infusing battle and game play with 100 unique characters to collect in Series 1, including four super rare figures in the green army and the blue army.


The army starter packs come in army truck shaped boxes and little blind boxes are made to look like wooden crates with green bags inside. All kids love a bling bag/box don’t they?!


The truck contains:

  • 4 Figures – 1 with a vehicle and 1 in a blind box
  • 4 Dog Tags
  • 1 Chain
  • 1 New Recruit Poster
  • Game Guide

The blind boxes contain:

  • 1 Figure
  • 1 Dog Tag


There are over 100 soldiers to collect and have some really brilliant names such as Major Boo-Boo, Private Insurance, Capt. Obvious and Sgt Dealt It. There are common Infantrymen, rare Special Forces & Vehicles and ultra rare Generals. You get a handy checklist so you can tick off the ones you have and see which ones you still need to collect.


The idea is to pick your little army and add up the points that the have on the bottom of each figure with each player having the same amount of points. Setting up the armies at opposite ends of a flat surface, kitchen table was perfect for this and take it in turns to flick  your soldier towards each other with the help of a few coins and capture the enemies soldiers and hit their goal.


They are suitable for children aged 6+ and cost RRP £3.99 for the blind boxes and £14.99 for the starter pack that we received and are available from Amazon, Smyths Toys and ToysRUs.

These are great little collectibles and the kids had great fun creating their own little battles with them and wearing the dog tags. They’re a good size, quite chunky and robust and I love the fact there are both men and women included. They would make great Xmas presents or stocking fillers for your little fan of collectibles.

This little dude was the favourite around here:


Here’s a little unboxing video that Little Man made:


*We were gifted the items for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own*