BABY Born Puppy Doodle Review

BABY born Puppy Doodle from Zapf Creation is a cute addition to the BABY born collection. My daughter has both boy and girl BABY born dolls so when we were offered the chance to review the Puppy Doodle I knew my daughter would love it. She’s been nagging for a while for a real puppy!


Puppy Doodle comes with his own accessories, bottle, bone and collar. He has soft, short curly hair like a poodle. An adult is needed to help get him out of his box as with most toys these days there’s a few wires that need removing and they are wrapped around his legs.


My Little Lady was also delighted to discover that Puppy Doodle could do some other exciting things. He could: drink, pee and eat.

Drinking: Fill up the little bottle with water and push it into his mouth whilst he’s upright and squeeze the bottle he will make sounds like he’s drinking.

Eating: Put the bone in his mouth and he makes chewing/slurping noises.

Peeing: Once he’s had plenty of water you can press down on the button on his back and he will lift his leg and pee accompanied by sounds of water.

As you can imagine my daughter thought the peeing was absolutely hilarious and so went through a cycle of giving him a drink and getting him to drink several times over. A couple of times he didn’t seem to want to pee though and I’m assuming this was due to there not being enough water left inside him.


It can get quite damp when playing, there wasn’t massive amounts of water involved but enough for me not to want it on the carpet, so for us this is something we played with outside unless the bottle/water wasn’t involved.

Overall we really liked Puppy Doodle and my daughter has had lots of fun playing with him, even taking him on a sleepover! He’s definitely been welcomed into our little family.

He does require 2 X AA batteries which are not included and is suitable for children aged 2+.

BABY born Pony Farm Puppy Doodle (RRP £29.99)


*We were gifted the item for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own*

Og On The Bog Review & Giveaway

Og on the Bog is a fun electronic game from Drumond Park. We were given the chance to try it out and let’s be honest what kid doesn’t love anything to do with toilet humour and farts? Stay with us as there’s a chance to win a copy for yourselves at the end!


The initial thought after we’d opened the box was how refreshing it is that there is very little ‘putting together’ required, some games take ages while the kids moan and get bored but this one took only a few minutes. This is because as you can see below there are very few parts.

The box contains:

  • Og himself on his Bog
  • 12 Loo Rolls
  • Loo Roll pole and base
  • Tree stump spinner

The only assembly required is for you to close the walls of the bog by lifting the front and back walls first then the sides, put the loo roll pole and base together and attach it to the side of the bog and there are also 3 AA batteries required which are not included. We also keep a stash handy though before switching it on via the switch on the bottom.

Each person starts with 1 loo roll each, with the youngest player going first – pleased my daughter no end that did – then spin the spinner to see the outcome.

  • A red cross means you’ve been noisy and miss a turn.
  • Hand holding a loo roll means you can pinch a loo roll from another player
  • A green tick means you can try and a steal a loo roll from Og’s loo roll pole.

To steal a loo roll you need to push down the step on the front of the Bog, if he says anything he has heard you so you runaway and your turn is over. If he grunts or farts however it means he hasn’t heard you so you can attempt to lift a loo roll off the pole, whilst lifting it off if you move too much he shouts out again and you have to leave the lo roll on the pole. Again if he grunts or farts you haven’t been heard and get to keep the loo roll.

If Og does a monster fart and his Bog explodes during your turn then you need to put two of your loo rolls back onto the pole and finish your turn, raising the walls of Og’s bog so that you can carry on playing.

To win the game with 2/3 players the first to collect 4 loo rolls wins and with 4 players the first to collect 3 loo rolls wins.

I played the game with my son and daughter who found the noises coming from Og absolutely hilarious. There was a tiny bit of sulking from my daughter when her brother wanted to take her loo rolls but it’s all the fun of the game. Once the Bog explodes the first time it really makes you jump so you’re on giggly high alert waiting for it to go again. As you can imagine the sounds coming from the Bog are hilarious and Og says things such as “is that someone after my loo rolls” and “Who’s that? I’ll have you for supper” which the kids thought was brilliant.


Overall this was a definite hit for us, it’s hilarious, easy to play and although the box states 5+ I made the decision that my soon to be 5 year old was ok to play it and of course that meant I had to play with them for supervision purposes 😉

Og on the Bog is rrp £22.99 suitable for age 5+ and for 2-4 players.

For a chance to win an Og on the Bog game simply enter via the Rafflecopter below:



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6. The giveaway will run until Midnight 28/05/17.
7. Once the giveaway is over the winner will be contacted for their details to arrange postage of their prize.

Julie x (2)

*We were gifted the game for the purpose of this post however all opinions remian honest and my own*

My Pocket Money Toy Subscription Box

We were recently asked if we fancied trying some new subscription boxes for children. The chance to amuse the kids for a bit to stop them fighting? Of course I’m going to say yes! The boxes are from My Pocket Money Toy and contain a range of fun toys and books, some educational and STEM and aimed at the age range you choose when ordering.

The lovely lady with the idea behind the boxes – Shirley – is a parent like a lot of us who struggled to find really good quality, affordable and educational toys and so the idea for My Pocket Money Toy was born.

My Pocket Money Toy was founded to solve two problems; a lack of time (busy working parents), and a lack of good quality toys in local shops.  The idea for toys in a subscription box is not a new one but it has taken some time to turn the idea in to reality.  The boxes have been spurred on by a genuine love of subscription boxes, why wouldn’t we want one a great one for our children!

There are several options available tailored to your childrens ages. You can choose from one offs:

Or go for a subscription of 3 months/6months/1 year and get great value for money.

These options can be easily chosen when ordering, have the parcel delivered with your childs name on, my kids loved that theirs were directly addressed to them and you have the option of having a gift message too.

As my children are 4 and 7 I received the 3-5 girl box and the 6-7 boy box. They came well packaged in a shoe box sized cardboard box with lovely iridescent shredded plastic to keep the toys safe.



As you can see the children were really excited about opening them up to see what they had. The items were nicely wrapped in tissue paper which made it more fun and exciting for them to open.

In the girls 3-5 box:


  • Make Believe sticker colouring book
  • Old Macdonald Lotto
  • Pony Mosaic craft
  • Chick finger puppet

In the boys 6-7 box:


  • Wordsearch pad
  • Story cards
  • UKick
  • Ogosoft Ball

Both boxes also included a lovely little card welcoming them to their box and a small colouring sheet.

My children were really pleased with their boxes, my son particularly liked the wordsearch pad, his little eyes lit up when he saw it and he disappeared off to his room to play with it as soon as I’d taken the photos!

My daughter was amazed with the mosaic pony and had great fun putting the little pieces onto the picture.


The boxes also come with a Spectacular Stamp Book to collect a stamp each month towards a free toy.


Overall we thought these boxes were brilliant, a great mix of fun and education with the excitement of opening a ‘present’. They’d be fab for Birthdays/Christmas or for family members who don’t live nearby as well as for your own children.

You can find My Pocket Money toy:


*We were gifted the boxes for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own*

Fun With L.O.L Surprise!

Easter wouldn’t be complete without a hunt would it? So when we were offered something a little different to chocolate for our hunt we were intrigued. We were sent a L.O.L Surprise! to hide along with a diva bow which my daughter hasn’t stopped wearing since she wore it for the hunt.

If you haven’t heard of L.O.L Surprise! they are collectible dolls that you can unwrap layer by layer to reveal secret messages, accessories, outfits, and doll. Each doll also has a secret surprise that is activated by water. There are 28 different dolls in Series 1 to collect and each one has a particular surprise such as colour change, spit, tinkle and cry.

We hid the L.O.L Surprise! and let my little lady find it.

Once she’d found it, she had the exciting task of opening it, removing the 5 layers of wrapping – each with a surprise inside.

Once she’d finished with that fun below is what was inside:


We looked at our checklist and found that we had a ‘fancy’ Centre Stage doll dressed as a ballerina complete with tutu and tiara.

Then we needed to see which Surprise feature she had. We filled up the little bottle that came with her and found that by squeezing her cheeks she was able to cry! The ball she comes with can also be used in several ways – as a purse, bathtub, dollstand and hangout so there are many ways to play especially if you add to your collection with more dolls. We thought they were really cute and would make a lovely present for your little ones.

L.O.L Surprise eggs are priced £7.99 and are available from Argos, Smyths and The Entertainer stores.


*we were gifted the item for the purpose of this post however all opinions remain honest and my own*

Sylvanian Families Brick Oven Bakery Review

Sylvanian Families have been around since 1985 (now I feel old) and I remember playing with them at friends houses all those years ago, it was one of those toys I always had on my Christmas list but wasn’t fortunate enough to get, my fault entirely though it was usually on a list with a million other things!! My daughter however has several of them including a school bus. They’re still as cute as ever and we were sent a Brick Oven Bakery to play with.




Inside the box



The set includes:

  • The bakery building itself which has a cabinet for dairy products, table, trolley and a pull down shelf oven.
  • Various bakery items including breads and pastries.
  • Baskets and trays for displaying the bakery products.
  • Tongs.
  • Card boxes of bread, milk and cheese.
  • A till.
  • Tiny paper bags.
  • Stickers.

Some of the bakery items are really cute and feature the faces of Sylvanian Families characters. Others include a whale, fish and turtle. Just under the lid on the inner flaps of the box are instructions on putting the little boxes together and where to put the stickers.


There is also 1 figure – Mrs Hedgehog – included. Mrs Hedgehog really is sweet with her green gingham dress and matching headscarf. She also has fluffy ‘spikes’ and moveable arms and legs.

Our Thoughts

There are small parts present so the set is suitable for children aged 3+ it was just right for my 4 year old girl, she found it easy to place the stickers where they needed to be and we worked together to pull the parts from their plastic fixings. Something I really like with this set was that their was hardly any rubbish to dispose of, just a few plastic bits and the cardboard box it comes in – which we kept to store the Bakery in.

The set can be added to which makes a larger playset. Add ons that can be connected are  Cosy Cottage Starter Home, Toy Shop, Seaside Icecream Shop and more which is great for Birthdays/Christmas if family members wanted to get sets that can be played with together.

The set is well made and not flimsy, the bakery items are small but solid. There isn’t much putting together of the main body at all  – just placing the furniture inside.

There’s plenty of room for your little one to add other characters inside, not just the one it comes with – lets be honest poor old Mrs Hedgehog would get pretty bored having no- one to sell to. Although she could just eat all the goodies herself. Win.


Shown here with some extra characters added to show how much room there is. How cute is the baby by the way? Awwww.

As you can plainly see by my daughters face above she loved this set and has enjoyed playing with it, even asking for the rest of the Hedgehog characters to go with it!


*We were gifted the set for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and our own*